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Military Assault Command Operations, commonly abbreviated as M.A.C.O., is a group of high-ranking Starfleet officers detached for special tasks to deal with major threats to the Federation.


M.A.C.O. Recruitment Poster

  • M.A.C.O. under original United Earth government, prior to the formation of the Federation, where it acted as a military organization separate from Starfleet. M.A.C.O. troops were notably stationed aboard the NX-class Enterprise following the Xindi attack on Earth.
  • M.A.C.O. troops were active during the Dominion War, and saw combat during the Undine War. Former M.A.C.O. Paul Stiles was interviewed by Jake Sisko in the years following. During this time, M.A.C.O. included non-Human members, but remained a separate organization from Starfleet (The Needs of the Many).
  • By 2410, M.A.C.O. has been absorbed into Starfleet, and is closely associated with Omega Force and the Klingon Honor Guard. Members of M.A.C.O. have access to unique, armored uniforms, as well as specialized equipment to help them combat the Borg, the Undine, and other major threats such as the Iconians.




  • While Admiral D'Vak introduces the player to M.A.C.O., and commands Omega Force, the joint Federation/Klingon Empire operation against the Borg, there is no in-game confirmation that he serves as an official member of M.A.C.O. He does, however, wear the uniform of the Klingon Honor Guard, despite being a Starfleet officer.
  • By default, all Captain-level NPCs in Mob groups wear M.A.C.O. armor.


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