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The Mirror Universe Bundle (also referred to as the Legendary Mirror Bundle in promotional material) is a bundle available in the Zen Store for 6,000 Zen small icon.png.

Launch discount[]

It was released on October 21, 2020, where it was available at an initial launch discount of 25% until October 28, 2020.



  • Upon purchase, the Legendary Dreadnought Cruiser will be unlocked in the T6 tab in the Ships tab in the Zen Store. This can be claimed on all Federation Aligned characters on an account.
  • The Uniforms and Ship Prefixes are automatically unlocked for the account.
  • The Torpedo, Duty Officer, Dual Pistols, and Pet can be freely reclaimed on all characters on the account by claiming the Bundle via the Zen Store.
  • After purchasing this bundle, the player will be able to choose the appropriate mirror universe prefix for all starships on their account – even ones that don’t have a mirror universe counterpart in-game. All Federation or Federation-aligned characters will gain access to the I.S.S. (Imperial StarShip) prefix on all starships, all Klingon or Klingon-aligned characters will gain access to the A.K.S. (Alliance Klingon Ship) prefix on all starships, all Romulan characters will gain access to the A.R.W. (Alliance Romulan Warbird) prefix on all starships, and non-Romulan characters will also be able to use the A.R.W. prefix on all Warbirds.

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