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Mission Text[]

<rank>, we have discovered a station near the center of the Solanae Dyson sphere that controls the station's ability to "jump" to other areas of space, utilizing the vast amounts of Omega Particles it generates as fuel.

This could be disasterous for the Delta Quadrant. If the reaction is not perfect, vast areas of subspace would be damaged, rendering space travel in that region almost impossible.

Our intel indicates that the Voth intend to take control of the station and jump the sphere back to their space. We cannot allow this to happen.

Report to Joint Command. We'll need your help to stop this.


Go to Dyson Sphere Gateway in the Beta Quadrant, and then proceed to Dyson Joint Command.

This is a single player mission.


  • On the Edge
  • Over the Horizon
    • Go To The Brown Dwarf
    • Fly to the Station and Hail Tuvok
    • Re-Align Solar Flare Inhibitors (0/4)
    • Approach Station and Hail Tuvok
    • Hail Tuvok
  • Into the Void
    • Go To Dyson Sun Control
    • Darkness
      • Speak with Tuvok

        Rear Admiral Tuvok

      • Proceed to the Generator Room
      • Examine the Voth Mech
      • Speak with the Ship's Captain
      • Scan the Area for Threats
      • Confer with Tuvok
      • Proceed to the Generator Room
      • Activate Back Up Power
      • Unlock Security and Repower the Station
        • Time until consoles are locked out: 0:20
    • The Voth Return
      • Speak with Tuvok
      • Speak with Cooper

        "Dr. Eric Cooper"

      • Talk to Cooper Again
      • Defeat Voth in the Security Room (0/3)
      • Return to the Initial Room
      • Defeat Incoming Voth
      • Go to the Initial Room
    • Decisions
      • Activate Shield For Door
      • Open the Door
      • Speak with Tuvok
      • Retrieve an EV Suit
      • Convince Cooper to Get an EV Suit
      • Go Out to Space
    • Space

      An exploded hallway of the station close to the central star of the Solanae Dyson Sphere.

      • Fly Across to the Other Station
      • Investigate Debris
      • Retrieve Ordinance from the Voth Mech
      • Set Charge on Debris
      • Get a Safe Distance and Blow Up the Charge
      • Scan the Station's Door
      • Override Locks to Open Door (0/3)
      • Get back inside
    • The Other Side
      • Go Deeper into the Station
      • Defeat Swarmers (0/14)
      • Move Forward
      • Defend Cooper While He Overrides Security [1]
      • Activate Consoles to Re-power Safety Shields (0/3) [1]
      • Go to Main Controls
    • The Getaway

      Chief Engineer Tarkaram

      -- Delta Recruits Iconian Technology is in this room.
      • Power Down Control Room Floor Shields
      • Fuse Computer Wiring (0/3)
      • Re-activate Shielding
      • Activate Main Control
      • Speak with Dr. Cooper about Opening the Gateway
      • Shut Down the Station and Open the Gateway
    • Escape
      • Get to the Extraction Point
    • Hail Ship for Extraction
  • Ripples
    • Go To The Brown Dwarf
    • Defeat Voth Around the Gateway (0/2)
    • Speak with Tuvok
  • The Return
    • Go To Jenolan Dyson Sphere
    • Save Our Ships
      • Hail the U.S.S. Gold

        The allies disagree about the new sphere

      • Transport Engineers to the U.S.S. Gold
      • Confer with Tuvok
      • Approach and Hail Voth Ship
    • The Undine Arrive
    • Enemies After All
      • Hail "Allies"
    • Speak with Tuvok
  • Contact Subcommander Kaol
  1. 1.0 1.1 Player gets either [Option 1]: Defend Cooper While He Overrides Security OR [Option 2]: Activate Consoles to Re-power Safety Shields



Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Icarus 2.0 icon.png Icarus 2.0 Avoid having your ship damaged by the sun in, "A Step Between Stars." 10
Dyson Sphere Puzzle Solver icon.png Dyson Sphere Puzzle Solver Complete the activation puzzle in "A Step Between Stars" without any mistakes. 10
Defensive Beam Tactician icon.png Defensive Beam Tactician Choose to activate the defensive beams in, "A Step Between Stars." Defense Option 1 of 3 10
Swarmer Tactitian icon.png Swarmer Tactitian Choose to activate the swarmer defenses in "A Step Between Stars." Defense Option 2 of 3 10
The Unstoppable Captain icon.png The Unstoppable Captain Choose to activate no defenses in, "A Step Between Stars." Defense Option 3 of 3 10
Dyson EV Suit Collector icon.png Dyson EV Suit Collector Obtain all 3 types of Dyson EV suits. Collect all three Dyson EV Suits. To do this, you will need to choose each Defense Option once during the "The Voth Return" segment. For each option (there are 3), there will be a different EV suit. 10
Explosion Investigator icon.png Explosion Investigator Fly through the epicenter of the station hallway explosion in, "A Step Between Stars." Fly through the remains of the corridor/hallway. 10
Shadow Hugger icon.png Shadow Hugger Avoid being burnt by the sun while activating safety protocols in, "A Step Between Stars." 10
Tuvok's Support icon.png Efficient Swarmer Exterminator Complete the stage "Defend Cooper from Swarmers" in "A Step Between Stars" in under one minute. 10
Tuvok's Support icon.png Tuvok's Support Prevent Tuvok from being knocked unconscious in, "A Step Between Stars." 10
Beam Dodger icon.png Beam Dodger Avoid being hit by the defensive beams in, "A Step Between Stars." 10


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Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
50 Vice Admiral 2126 1856 XII


  • Feature Episode, released on January 30, 2014 as part of the 4 Year Anniversary Event. Until February 27, the mission therefore also rewarded 400 [Anniversary Qmendation]s upon its first playthrough per character.
  • During the Retrieve an EV Suit objective, the mission additionally rewards one of three Solanae Environmental Suits, that remain in the player's inventory. A full set plus 50 Lobi Crystal icon.png can be exchanged at the Lobi Crystal Consortium to obtain one of two upgraded Dyson EV Suits.
  • The EV Suits are determined by the defense option the player chooses, as followed:
  • The same EV Suit can be picked-up multiple times by placing it into the inventory and equipping it on a bridge officer. The suit will respawn instantly on the map as if the player never picked it up in the first place.
  • During the first part of 'Into The Void', there is a chance that the captain of the Dyson will still be alive, though he will be killed shortly by a Voth Stalker. This is no longer limited to engineering captains only.


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