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Faction Khitomer.png All That Glitters
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“The Kobali Front”
Story Arc:
The Delta Quadrant
October 14, 2014
9550 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:


The holographic Doctor from Voyager requests assistance in the Shenda System with a medical emergency that turns out to be a Vaadwaur ambush. The leader of the Vaadwaur, Gaul, calls off the "renegade" attack on the player and offers to negotiate a cease-fire with the Delta Alliance at the old Talaxian colony in the Entaba System. However, Gaul's offer turns out to be nothing but a provocation and the talks end in bloodshed. After a pitched battle both on ground and in space, the Turei help to turn the tide of battle, thus settling their debt to the player.


Mission Text[]

Are you familiar with Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram? He's quite unique, even for an old EMH Mark I. Now he holds rank in Starfleet in his own right!

We've received a message that the Doctor requires assistance to deal with a medical situation on an Ocampa freighter in the Shenda system. He is currently en route in one of Voyager's shuttles.

Normally I would send a medical Vessel, but we have seen a spike in Vaadwaur attacks and I want to make sure he has all the resources he will need. Could you go to the Shenda system and assist the Doctor?


Travel to the Shenda system, which is located in the Vyntadi Sector Block, to meet with the Doctor.


  • Medical Emergency
    • Go To Shenda System
    • The Doctor Is In

      The Doctor

      • Mission Briefing
      • Approach and Hail the Doctor's Shuttle
      • Transport the Doctor to your Ship
      • Scan Disabled Ship
    • A Potential Emergency
      • Defeat Vaadwaur Ambushers
      • Defeat Vaadwaur Reinforcements
      • Hail Gaul


      • Hail Neelix on Subspace Frequencies
      • Hail Gaul
      • Warp to Entaba System
  • Bases for Negotiation
    • Fly to Asteriod Base
    • Beam to Surface
  • The Unmitigated Gaul
    • Go To Asteriod Base
    • A Dinner For Peace
      • Greet Nelix
      • Walk to Conference Room
      • Talk to Gaul
      • Contact Your Ship for Support
      • Speak with the Doctor
    • Search and Rescue
      • Defeat Vaadwaur in the Cargo Bay (0/2)
      • Choose Which Group of Talaxians to Save
      • [Opt 1] Defeat the Vaadwaur in the Logistics Room
      • [Opt 1] Tell Hostages to Remain Still Until the Base is Cleared
      • [Opt 1] Defeat Vaadwaur in the Storage Room
      • [Opt 2] Defeat the Vaadwaur in the Storage Room
      • [Opt 2] Tell Hostages to Remain Still Until the Base is Cleared
      • [Opt 2] Defeat Vaadwaur in Logistics
      • Check Vitals on Talaxians
    • Recovery
      • Open Blast Door to Shuttle Bay
      • Defeat Vaadwaur in Docking Bay (0/3)
      • Wait for Talaxians to Arrive 0:08
    • Final Push

      The last Talaxians are abandoning their asteroid colony

      • Defeat Incoming Vaadwaur (0/3)
      • Speak with the Turei Commander
    • Return to Ship
  • The Last Argument of Kings
    • Go To Shenda System
    • Answer Hail
    • Defeat Vaadwaur Fleet
    • Defeat Vaadwaur Reinforcements
    • Defeat Vaadwaur Forces
    • Hail the Turei
    • Talk to Neelix
    • Talk to Doctor
    • Hail Voyager
    • Depart System
  • Hail Alliance Contact



There are no accolades specific to this mission.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items include:

At this time the Career-Specific Mk XII Kit Reward actually gives a Rare Career-Specific Mk XIII Kit Reward

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
54 Vice Admiral 2580 2865 192 XII


The mission can be broken if the first group of Vaadwaur are killed thru the window before opening the blast door during the "Recovery" step of the mission. Ground part of mission must be restarted by beaming back to ship and entering mission again.

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