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The player aids Kira Nerys and Julian Bashir in their return to the penal moon where Kai Opaka was stranded decades ago.


Approaching the Olt System penal moon, Kira and Bashir suggest investigating the satellite defenses which are found to have been upgraded, but still vulnerable to the technique used by Miles O'Brien to evacuate the away team previously. Kira also notes Hur'q debris in orbit. After distracting the satellites with probes, the player's away team beams to the surface with Kira and Bashir.

On the surface, the player encounters Hur'q overrunning the camp and the Ennis and Nol-Ennis prisoners come to the player's aid. Golin Shel-la greets them and escorts the team to meet Kai Opaka. Kira and Opaka greet each other and Opaka reveals that peace was achieved between the two factions with the aid of the Orb of Peace. They agree to cure the prisoners and bring them, and the orb, back to DS9.

The player distributes the cure to a number of prisoners Golin and Opaka. However shortly after this Golin is attacked and killed. The player goes to clear a path to the beam out point and set up transporter enhancers.

Once in orbit, more Hur'q arrive and are engaged. However the player's crew are able to reprogram the satellites to fight in support of the player and are used to help take down the second wave of Hur'q.

The player beams up the remaining cured prisoners and brings them to DS9 with Opaka. Kira and Opaka have a brief exchange with Benjamin Sisko, via the Wormhole.


Mission text[]

I need your help with a very sensitive mission. A former Kai, Opaka, was trapped on a prison moon in the Gamma Quadrant in 2369. Alien nanotech in her system prevents her from leaving the moon, but it also sustains her life indefinitely while on the surface.

It seems the wardens of the prison were planning on curing and granting amnesty to the prisoners... until their planet was decimated by the Hur'q. Somehow, the Dominion managed to obtain the cure, and they've provided it to us as a peace offering.

The moon hasn't been hit by the Hur'q, but it's only a matter of time. We need to cure Opaka and the others and get them out of there before that happens.


Go to the Olt System in the Gamma Quadrant


  • Speak with Kai Kira
  • Scan the Prison Moon
  • Distract the Defense Satellites
    • Fire Probe Alpha
    • Fire Probe Beta
  • Speak With Kai Kira
  • Move To Safe Transport Area
  • Go to the Prison Colony
    • Move Through Caves
    • Defeat Hur'q Raiders
    • Continue Through the Caves
    • Defeat Hur'q Squad
    • Keep Moving in the Caves
  • Enter the Colony
    • Fight the Hur'q Invaders
    • Defeat Hurq Reinforcements
    • Scan Fallen Prisoner
    • Speak With Prisoners
    • Follow Prisoners
  • Help the Colonists
    • Go to the Temple
    • Cure Prisoners (0/6)
    • Cure Kai Opaka
    • Defend Colony
    • Scan Fallen Prisoner
  • Answer Hail From Your Ship
  • Leave the Colony
    • Find the Village Exit
    • Go Through the Caverns
    • Secure Exit Route
    • Go to the Transport Site
    • Secure Transport Site
  • Check In With Kai Kira
  • Set Up Pattern Enhancers (0/3)
  • Beam Up To Your Ship
  • Speak To Bridge Crew
  • Defeat Hur'q Fleet
  • Speak to Officer
  • Move Into Tactical Position
  • Survive the Hur'q Onslaught 00:02:00
  • Defeat Remaining Hur'q
  • Speak With Kai Kira
  • Speak With Bashir
  • Hail Command


NPC starships[]


There are no accolades specific to this mission..


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  • Armistice was released on June 5, 2018 as part of the Victory is Life expansion.
  • This mission is a sequel to the Deep Space Nine episode Battle Lines.

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