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Faction Starfleet.png Assimilation of the Innocent
Assimilation of the Innocent.png
Story Arc:
November 12, 2013
180 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:



Mission Text[]

Travel to the Vega Colony to warn the colony there of an impending Borg attack.


There is no mission goal available for this mission.


  • Dire Warning
    • Go To Vega System
    • Arrival
      • Contact the Vega Colony

        Vega Colony

      • Boost Signal with Satellite
      • Talk to First Officer
    • Borg Attack
      • Defeat the Borg Invasion Force (0/5)
      • Consult With Your Crew
    • Continuing Invasion
      • Defeat the Borg Landing Party (0/5)
  • Rescue Operations
    • Go To Vega Colony
    • Arrival
      • Tag Refugees for Transport (0/2)
      • Retrieve Armor from Crates
      • Activate Console to Open Colony Gate
    • Assist the Colony
      • Beam Out Captured Civilians (0/3)
      • Defeat Borg in Vega Colony (0%)
      • Talk to Administrator Willa Post
      • Retrieve Kit from Crates
    • Colony Defense
      • Set Up Pattern Enhancers
      • Talk to Administrator Willa Post
      • Hold Off Borg While Civilians Transport Out (0%)
      • Answer Hail From Your Ship
      • Activate Console to Open Colony Gate
    • One Last Gasp
      • Find and Disable Borg Transport Inhibitor
      • Disable the Force Field Generator
      • Defeat Borg One Zero One and Cohorts
      • Destroy the Borg Transport Inhibitor
    • Beam to Ship

      Vega... assimilated

  • Desperate Measures
    • Go To Vega System
    • Warning
      • Talk to Crew
      • Configure First Beacon
      • Defeat Borg Probes
    • Continue Reconfiguration
      • Configure Second Beacon
      • Defeat Borg Sphere
    • Final Steps
      • Configure Final Beacon
      • Defeat Borg Cube
      • Talk to Captain Nog





Borg Collective[]

NPC Starships[]




There are no accolades specific to this mission.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


  • Part of the new Federation tutorial, released with Season Eight: The Sphere.
  • As part of the tutorial, this mission is acquired automatically and cannot be dropped or skipped. Completing the mission, will automatically add “Welcome to Earth Spacedock” to the player's mission journal.
  • During the mission the player is introduced to Body Armors and Kits, and will get two [Body Armor - Energy Dampening Starfleet Standard Issue] and a Profession-Specific Mk I Kit as additional rewards.
  • As mission reward [Kolez] (Saurian Male, Tactical) will join the player's bridge crew.
  • Prior to the release of Victory is Life in 2018, the roles of Captain Nog and U.S.S. Chimera was filled by the original Captain Vo'Lok and the U.S.S. Renown.
  • Although you can choose any one of your three bridge officers to beam down with, all of the dialogue is for Elisa Flores.


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