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Faction Khitomer.png Battle at the Binary Stars
FTFO - Battle of Binary Stars.png
Normal difficultyAdvanced difficultyElite difficulty
November 14, 2018 (PC FTFO)
January 23, 2019 (PC TFO)
January 22, 2019 (Consoles FTFO)
You will receive the following reward:
Plus one of the following:
Skill Dilithium Ore icon.png Elite mark R&D
Normal difficulty 480 x Normal Queue R&D Material Reward Package icon.pngCommon icon.png
Advanced difficulty 720 x Normal Queue R&D Material Reward Package icon.pngUncommon icon.png
Elite difficulty 1440 x Normal Queue R&D Material Reward Package icon.pngRare icon.png

The Battle at the Binary Stars is one of the most important historic battles between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Every cadet studies it at Starfleet Academy, though it has been purely in a historical context until now. The threat of temporally-displaced rogue Klingon starships, led by the legendary J’Ula, has brought a need for understanding 23rd century battle tactics to the attention of Alliance admiralties.

In Battle at the Binary Stars, five players are tasked with participating in a Holodeck reenactment of the infamous Battle at the Binary Stars.

It was launched as a Featured Task Force Operation in November 2018. In January 2019 it returned as a standard Task Force Operation before being removed again with the release of Rise of Discovery in May 2019. In January 2020 it was again added to the available TFO list.

Mission Objectives[]

  • We Come in Peace
    • Briefing 1:00
    • Defend the U.S.S. Shenzhou 2:00
    • [Optional] Keep the Shenzhou's Hull above:
      • 80%
      • 50%
    • Defend the Shenzhou as they assist T'plana-hath 2:00
    • Status Update 0:20
    • Recover Escape Pods 4:00
    • [Optional] Rescue Pods:
      • 40 (0/40)
      • 60 (40/60)
      • 80 (60/80)
  • We Hailed, They Fired
    • Weather the renewed Klingon assault 4:30
    • [Optional] Destroy Ships:
      • 20 (0/20)
      • 40 (20/40)
      • 60 (40/60)

NPC starships[]


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