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Faction Khitomer.png Best Served Cold
Best Served Cold.png
Given by:

Cooldown Timer:
30 min
Normal difficulty
495 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:
Skill Dilithium Ore icon.png Elite mark R&D
Normal difficulty 480 x Normal Queue R&D Material Reward Package icon.pngCommon icon.png

Best Served Cold is a space Task Force Operation requiring a team of five against House Mo'Kai forces led by Aakar as they attempt a prison break on Rura Penthe.




  • Operational Briefing 1:30
  • Defeat Klingon Fleet
  • Reactivate Control Stations
    • Developing Anti-virus 3:00
    • Secure Alpha Station
    • Secure Beta Station
    • Secure Gamma Station
  • Briefing - Prison Break 0:45
  • Stop Prison Break (0/20)
    • Transports Secured: (0)
    • Transports Escaped: (0)
    • Transports Lost: (0)
  • Briefing - Protect Rura Penthe 1:00
  • Destroy the Dilithium Transports (0/100)
  • Defend the Satellite Control Stations
    • Defend Alpha Station
    • Defend Beta Station
    • Defend Gamma Station
  • Depart Sector






  • Critter Rank 1 icon.png Defense Satellite



There are no accolades specific to this mission.


  • Contrary to what some people claim, you only get marks for capturing transports (or seriously diminished marks for lost transports but none for escaped transports) and for saving the stations at the final phase. As such, there's no point at all with defending the station while the transports are trying to escape, especially since they won't ever get within firing range of the defense satellites unless captured during the last leg of their course. You don't get any marks either for killing Klingon rebels but the TFO ends when the 100th hauler blows, no matter if she is destroyed or if she successfully kamikazed a station.
  • Also contrary to what some people claim, there's no point defending the Defense Satellites. They respawn either after 90 seconds OR when a new phase starts. So each stations has a full set of satellites at the onset of the hauler phase BUT some haulers that already hapenned to be within range will kamikaze a cluster of satellites right at the beginning, which is why sometimes some stations appear to be missing satellites early on.
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