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Faction Khitomer.png Blind Men Tell All Tales
Blind Men Tell All Tales.png
Given by:
Horace Jones
Followed by:
“The Undying”
Story Arc:
May 21, 2013
5950 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:
Plus one of the following:

In Blind Men Tell All Tales



Mission Text[]

This blind man must be some sorta mole for the Orion Syndicate, the guys who have those triggers you're lookin' for. Now, I don't know who this guy is, but someone in this town must know.

The only way you're gonna convince folks to help you find this guy is if you show that you're not only strong enough to fight the Syndicate, but that you've got the gumption to defend us from 'em.

You do that, and I bet someone will step forward to tell you who this mole is and where you can find the triggers. If I were you, I'd start with Two of Eight. You get in good with him and you'll be all sorts of good, you know?


Gain the trust of people of Nimbus III.


  • Find Information on the Blind Man
  • Assault the Stronghold
    • Approach the Stronghold
    • Free the Prisoners (0/4)
    • Weaken the Outer Defenses (0%)
    • Take Control of the Courtyard (0%)
    • Go to the Entrance
    • Contact Horace Jones
  • Hail Horace Jones




NPC starships[]



There are no accolades specific to this mission.


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, the Rewards for completing might be reduced.

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
22–29 Faction FED25.pngFaction KDF.png Commander
Faction Romulan Republic.png Subcommander
1552 1338 VI
30–39 Faction FED25.pngFaction KDF.png Captain
Faction Romulan Republic.png Commander
1743 1878 VIII
40–49 Faction FED25.png Rear Admiral
Faction KDF.png Brig. & Maj. General
Faction Romulan Republic.png Subadmiral
1935 1856 X
50 Faction FED25.pngFaction Romulan Republic.png Vice Admiral 2126 1856 XI
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Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulan Republic-only
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Faction Khitomer.png Cross-faction
Mission available Side Content: The Galaxy at Large
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