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Faction FED23.png Bull by the Horns
Bull by the Horns.png
Story Arc:
July 5, 2016
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After arriving at the camp and delivering supplies and weapons to the survivors, and teaching them how to fire, the Taureans strike again, but this time the away team and the survivors were forced to hide in the wreckage and to electrify the hull as a way to force the Taureans to withdraw.

However, two crewmen were captured by the natives, forcing the away team to go search for them. As the team returned from the Taureans' refuge they encountered Klingons searching the wreckage. By defeating the Klingon away team, the player discovers a PADD revealing the true reason of their presence. The mission comes to an end as the away team and survivors return to the shuttlecraft.


Mission Text[]

Continue your search and rescue operations on the planet. Protect the survivors from the hostile life-forms present on Taurus II at all costs!


There is no mission goal available.


  • Follow the Survivor
  • Talk to Doctor Muller
  • Deliver Supplies
  • Distribute Rifles
    • Take a Rifle
  • Talk to Ensign Tarsi
  • Demonstrate Alternate Fire on Debris
  • Assist Doctor Grogan
  • Assist Dr. Muller
  • Defeat the Taureans
  • Talk to Ensign Mears
  • Send Survivors to Wreckage
  • Talk to Ensign Mears
  • Fall Back to Wreckage
  • Shut Doors
  • Talk to Ensign Mears
  • Electrify the Hull
  • Talk to Ensign Mears
  • Talk to Ensign Tarsi
  • Track the Taurean Raiders
    • Scan for Heat Signatures
    • Follow the Taurean Heat Signatures
    • Continue Tracking the Taureans
    • Defeat Taurean Spear Throwers (0/3)
  • Defeat Taurean Chief
  • Rescue the Crewmen
  • Return to the Shipwreck
  • Talk to Ensign Tarsi
  • Defeat Klingon Landing Party
  • Collect Dropped Item
  • Bring PADD to Ensign Tarsi
  • Defeat Klingon Assault Squad
  • Defeat Klingon Scouts
  • Defeat Klingon Reinforcements
  • Defeat Klingon Reserves
  • Return to the Shuttlecraft
    • Enter Pass
  • Talk to Ensign Mears



TOS Federation[]

  • Ensign Tarsi
  • Ensign Mears
  • Ensign Okamura
  • Crewman Skial
  • Doctor Grogan
  • Doctor Muller
  • Researcher Duncan
  • Researcher Halleck



  • Taurean Warrior
  • Taurean Chief


  • Soldier
  • Sergeant


There are no accolades specific to this mission.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


  • As part of the tutorial, this mission is acquired automatically and cannot be dropped or skipped. On completion, the following mission “Dislodging Klingons” will automatically start.


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