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The Krenim-Iconian Resistance collaboration has succeeded in constructing the timeship weapon. Captain Nog is coordinating the joint efforts of first modelling, and then executing the temporal incursion. After testing three scenarios in the holodeck of the Kyana Research Station, the K.I.S. Annorax commanded by Nog and escorted by the player's ship as well as the R.R.W. Lleiset, performs a temporal incursion aiming for the third model scenario. After finding Romulus completely assimilated by the Borg Collective, Nog and the others are forced to reset the new timeline, however, not without inadvertently causing the Tuterian civilization to be extinct by 2410.


Mission Text[]

The research teams in the Kyana System require your assistance.

They have been running thousands of temporal incursion simulations of how to use the Krenim weapon, but I need an officer with field experience to evaluate the project and its feasibility. You will participate in a focused test of the most promising options.

A blade cuts both ways. We must be sure that what this weapon can do to the Iconians does not cause greater harm to us.


Report to the Kyana System, which is located in the Delta Quadrant.


  • Desperate Times
    • Kyana Research Station

      Go To Kyana System
    • Speak with Researcher A'dranna
    • Speak with Captain Nog
    • Investigate Alteration Alpha
      • Speak with Alpha Team Leader Soffen
      • Run Holodeck Simulation Alpha
        • Speak with Crewman
        • Stabilize Crewmen (0/3)
        • Answer Hail
        • Get Data from Simulation Console
      • Speak to Alpha Team Leader Soffen
    • Investigate Alteration Beta
      • Speak with Beta Team Leader Noye
      • Clauda

        Speak with Researcher Clauda
      • Run Holodeck Simulation Beta
        • Interact with Simulation Personnel
          • Speak to Ambassador Sugihara
          • Speak to Talaxian Representative
          • Speak to Malon Representative
          • Use Console to Conduct Research
          • Speak to Benthan Representative
          • Speak to Hazari Representative
          • Return to Ambassador Sugihara
          • Download Data from Console
      • Report to Beta Team Leader Noye
    • Investigate Alteration Gamma
      • Speak with Gamma Team Leader Jelen
      • Run Holodeck Simulation Gamma
        • Speak with Commander Temer
        • Seal the Door
        • Disable Tal Shiar Listening Device
        • Speak with Commander Temer Again
        • Unseal Door
        • Confront Lieutenant Selan
        • Listen to Temer's Speech
        • Speak with Conn Officer
        • Get Data from Simulation Console
      • Report to Gamma Team Leader Jelen
    • Consult with Captain Nog and Commander Jarok
    • Beam to Your Ship
  • The K.I.S. Annorax

    Romulus, 20 years after it was assimilated

    Desperate Measures
    • Go To Romulus System
    • Fly into Scanning Range
    • Scan Romulus for Data Centers
    • Defeat Squadrons of Borg Ships (0/2)
    • Hail Captain Nog
    • Board Borg Unimatrix Node
  • Murphy's Law
    • Go To Borg Unimatrix
    • Get to Knowledge Node
      • Override Security Measures
      • Continue Toward Node
      • Defeat Drones
      • Join Jarok at the Door
      • Cover Jarok
      • Continue Toward Node
    • Access Knowledge Node
    • Defeat Assimilated Romulans
    • Circumvent Borg Security
      • Console Alpha
      • Console Beta
      • Console Gamma
    • Secundus of Borg

      Defeat Secundus of Borg
    • Download Data
    • Return to Your Ship
  • Better the Devil You Know
    • Go To Romulus System
    • Escape Romulus System
    • Fight off Borg Ships
    • Answer Hail
    • Compress Datalogs
    • Modulate Subspace Communications Array
    • Open Secure Transfer
    • Being pursued by the Borg, the Annorax fires its weapon on a Borg transwarp gate.

      Send Data
    • Escape and Fly to the Kyana System
  • Gordian Knot
    • Go to Conference Room
    • Learn About Temporal Incursion
      • Speak with Captain Nog
      • Speak with Researcher A'dranna
      • Speak with Commander Jarok
      • Speak with Lead Researcher Noye
    • Delta objective.png Speak with Temporal Agent Crey/Q'on/Kail (Delta Recruits)
    • Return to your Ship
  • Hail Captain Kagran





Borg Collective[]

NPC starships[]



There are no accolades specific to this mission.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


For a breakdown of the different holodeck simulations, see here.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing may be reduced.

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
60 Fleet Admiral 2580 2865 192 XII


  • Butterfly was released on August 13, 2015 as part of the new Iconian War arc. A special event is held until September 3. During this time, the mission has a minimum rank of 10 and rewards a new special [Featured Episode Weekly Reward] once per account, per week for an effective event total of three. The Reward Box contains a choice of either one [Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade], or one Specialization Point (claimable by all, but only usable on Level 50+ characters).
  • The mission is named after the Butterfly Effect.
  • This is the only mission of the Iconian War story arc where the player does not directly engage Herald forces or Iconian servitors.
  • The Borg drones the player faces on the assimilated Romulus are both the "classic" and "modern" varieties, making it the first mission outside of a Special Task Force where the player encounters the former version.
  • Due to the nature of the mission, "Butterfly" contains possible references to alternate versions of several events including Romulan involvement in Klingon inter-Great House conflict (Klingon storyline, especially Warzone missions) and a renewed Dominion conflict ("The 2800" Featured Episode series) in Scenario Alpha, the formation of the Delta Alliance (Delta Quadrant storyline) in Scenario Beta, and the formation of the Romulan Republic and creation of 'New Romulus' on Dewa III (Romulan Republic storyline) in Scenario Gamma. It is unconfirmed, however, whether these are meant to be direct references or are merely cases of similar, but unrelated events.

    Remastered Delta Recruitment confirmation of "Butterfly"'s on-screen date.

  • With the remaster of the Delta Recruitment, "Butterfly" replaces “Cold Storage” in having the on-screen date given as "June, 2410. One year from now...". Players participating will meet their factions' temporal investigations contact in the Research Lab after speaking with the officers in the Conference Room. Speaking with this contact will begin a cutscene that brings the events of the Delta Recruit story full-circle.

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