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Faction Khitomer.png Cat's Tale
TFO - Cats Tale.png
Given by:
PvE Queue
10 - 60 (Normal)
October 13, 2021
You will receive the following reward:

Cat's Tale is a limited-time Task Force Operation available during the annual Halloween Event.


The enigmatic aliens known as the Old Ones have returned to the planet Pyris VII. They came here as explorers, to learn more about our universe and the beings that live within it.

Unfortunately, they have been imprisoned by the Devidians. These powerful energy beings may be seeking to use the technology of the Old Ones to conquer and feed on other life forms.

Give the Old Ones any assistance they need.


  • Mission Briefing
  • Recover the Artifacts
  • Rescue Old One Livia
    • Search for Livia
    • Destroy the Skeletal Prisoners
    • Continue Your Search
    • Keep Searching!
    • Defeat the Skeleton Lord
    • Defeat Remaining Skeleton Forces
    • Collect the Candle
    • Speak to Livia
    • Return the Candle
  • Rescue Old One Holuk
    • Search for Holuk
    • Speak to the Elder Witches
    • Reach the Coven
    • Save Holuk
    • Defeat Remaining Witch Forces
    • Collect the Book
    • Speak to Holuk
    • Return the Book
  • Defeat the Devidians
    • Enter the Inner Sanctum
    • Defeat the Devidian Forces
    • Defeat Remaining Devidian Forces



  • Ghostly Fortune Teller
  • Ghostly Librarian
  • Holuk
  • Livia
  • Yenvep
  • Wandering Spirit


  • Angry Spirit
  • Carrion Spider
  • Dark Skeleton
  • Devidian Lord
  • Elder Witch
  • Hag
  • Shar'lat
  • Skeleton Lord
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Umbral
  • Visitor
  • Witch


Skeleton segment[]

  • Skeleton forces can only take damage in candlelight.
  • Molor's Flaming Sword and Universal Kit Module - Gravity Containment Unit are useful devices to pull enemies towards you, into the candle's area of effect.
    • Conversely, avoid using items or powers that push them away unless you are trying to push them into candlelight from outside.
  • Paradox Bomb and Anchor of Gre'thor are useful for drawing large numbers of enemies together, but it should only be triggered on an enemy already within candlelight.
  • Pets may draw aggro away from candle light, as they will roam the map away of the area of effect. As a result, try to avoid using them in this section of the TFO. This includes turning Skeletons into Drones.
  • Sabotage can kill Skeletons regardless of candlelight. The ability to harm skeletons outside of candlelight has been patched out as of 2 November 2021.

Candle locations[]

There are a total of 50 candles on the ground in this segment, 34 of which are unlit. Lighting them all gets you additional marks. Their locations:

  • First hallway: 5 unlit, 4 already lit.
  • Jail room: 9 unlit, 3 already lit. 4 of the unlit ones are inside the jail cells, one with a cat (see below).
  • Second hallway: 4 unlit, 3 already lit.
  • Next room: 6 unlit, 3 already lit, one of which is at the spider web dead end with the cat.
  • Third hallway: 2 unlit, 1 lit.
  • Skeleton Lord room: 8 unlit, 2 lit. When the Skeleton Lord uses its Scream attack, all the candles in the boss room will go out and need to be relit again, including the two that were already lit. The two that are already lit will not count against you even if they are blown out and you do not relight them.

Library segment[]

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Book Section Librarian Quip / Hint
101 Ways To Serve Gagh Cookbooks "As all Klingons know, the only real way to serve gagh is live..."
Admiral of My Heart Romance "Ah yes, this one is missing its subtitle, "A Kirk Adventure.""
Bankruptcy, Audits, and Takeovers Spooky Stories "Ah, this one is truly scary to the Ferengi!"
Dishonorable Children Go To Gre'thor Spooky Stories "Really, we shouldn't be telling any children that they're going to Gre'thor."
Great Recipes of Neelix, vol X. Cookbooks "How can you call a recipe "great" if it involves leola root?"
Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow Puns "Did you know that there are over thirty Gorn puns, and that's just in Galactic Standard?""
Hobgoblins: A History Mythical Creatures "Vulcans have sometimes been characterized as hobgoblins, but I think they're a bit more real."
It's Green: Magical Mixology Alchemy "Filled with the favorite elixirs of many an engineer!"
Legends of the Kos'Karii Mythical Creatures "Is a creature truly mythical if it actually exists?"
The IDIC Cookbook Cookbooks "This should go next to "To Serve Man.""
Levitt's Big Book of Puns Puns "A collection of the best by the true master."
Live Long and Pros-pun Puns "If it doesn't come from the Punic region of Italy, it's not a pun, it's sparkling wordplay."
A Potion for Every Occasion Alchemy "Ah, an all-time favorite!"
Tales of Kahless and Lukara Romance "As with operas, the Klingons write the best romances."
The Many Loves Of Morn Romance "Morn never kisses and tells, but he does have a biographer."
Too Many Tribbles! Spooky Stories "A tale that strikes terror in the hearts of every Klingon!"
Transmutation, Potions And You! Alchemy "Did you know that the vast majority of transmutation is done by elixir?"
Unicorns of Four Quadrants Mythical Creatures "The unicorns of the Delta Quadrant actually have two horns."
Library layout
Puns Romance
Spooky Stories Mythical Creatures
Cookbooks Alchemy

Cauldron segment[]

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Cauldron room layout

Wing Of Bat Denebian Slime Phoenix Feather
Deadly Nightshade Serpent's Venom Eye Of Newt

Coven segment[]

  • While the Hags have the green shield around them, they cannot be damaged. You must destroy the Skull floating above the cauldron at intervals to eliminate their protection.
  • Players creating aggro may occasionally be turned into a Black Cat for a short time. While in this state they cannot use abilities and project a purple circle around them. Anyone inside this circle gets a debuff. Players turned into a Black Cat should move away from other players.

Devidian segment[]

  • The Devidian Lord will reach 3 points where they will stop taking damage. In order to progress, you must sabotage the Devidian devices by pulling one of three levers in the room. Levers can only be pulled while you are phased.
    • Note: The Devidian Lord's invulnerability is lost permanently when the team has pulled all three levers. You might be able to pull two while phased once.
  • Players drawing aggro will be phased temporarily.
  • The Triolic Pattern Enhancer is able to phase characters within its area of effect; deploy near a lever to avoid waiting to be phased by the Devidian Lord.
    • This can bypass the wait for the Devidian Lord to phase a player. Since you can pull levers BEFORE the Devidian Lord phases anyone.
  • The Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Assault Rifle and the Dyson Experimental Proton Beam Rifle are ideal weapons against Devidians.

Black cat locations[]

There are 13 black cats to find, seven of which are in the first part of the map, and the remainder in the second part. The cats magically appear when you approach the area; they aren't visible beforehand.

Part 1

Part 2

First phase of the TFO:

  • The very first room you spawn in has four cats that you can't miss as you progress:
    • One at the left door.
    • One at the center door after you save Livia and get the candle for the pedestal.
    • One at the right door after placing the candle.
    • Another one at the center door after you save Holuk and get the book for the pedestal.
  • In the room with the six jail cells full of skeletons, there is a cat in the northeast cell, along with a candle.
  • In the next room, which has a threshold covered with a spider web, go through the web and to the dead end to find a cat by the lit candle.
  • After placing the candle on the pedestal and going through the right door, walk straight ahead to the spooky cat eyes wall dead end for another cat. Due to the candle and door, this will give you three cats in rapid succession.

Second phase of the TFO, after the witches teleport you:

  • One in the spider chamber, straight across from the entrance at the dead end door.
  • One in the cauldron chamber, at the far east dead end.
  • One in front of the witch boss chamber door, can't miss it as you progress.
  • Two in the witch boss chamber, at the far ends of the each side platform.
  • One in the final boss chamber; go up the stairs and run to the center overlooking the arena.

To get all 13 cats, both the spider and cauldron rooms must be completed. You can't get all 13 if:

  • You solo the TFO.
  • You only take two people and one gets the library room.
  • Any size of team if anyone doesn't complete the spider or cauldron rooms before teleporting out after you save Holuk.


There are no accolades specific to this mission.
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