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Faction Khitomer.png Cold Case
Cold Case starchart.jpg
Given by:
Preceded by:
“Cold Comfort”
Followed by:
“Cold Storage”
Story Arc:
Cold War
September 18, 2010
Lv 48: 2580 Experience Point icon.png
Lv 50: 2976 Experience Point icon.png
Lv 48: 2475 Expertise icon.png
Lv 50: 2598 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:

In Cold Case the player and the Breen are racing for the Preserver star chart giving away the position of the Preserver Archive.


Ambassador Surah is recalling the player to Defera. Breen have been sighted at the Preserver ruins again. When the player reaches the ruins, the Breen are already gone. By entering a sequence of geometric patterns known from a Preserver site in the Begen System, a holographic piece of a star chart is unlocked. Meanwhile, Breen starships have been detected in orbit of the planet. The away team returns to the ship. The Breen ships are closing in on the ship in order to retrieve the discovered star chart.

After the skirmish with the Breen, the computer finishes the analysis of the star chart, pointing to the S'hinga System. There, a gaseous anomaly triggers the crew's interest. An analysis of the gas cloud reveals that its molecular structure was artificially engineered to give away another point of interest in the system: a nearby moon. Scanners show that a map has been carved inside the interior of the planetoid. Two large asteroids are the destination indicated by the moon map, but only one is present in the system. As it turns out, the two asteroids must have collided at some point in the past, leaving only one intact. Using the ship's weapons, the asteroid rubble is carved from the remaining asteroid, exposing some sort of holographic projector that shows the second piece of the star chart, indicating the next stop should be the Manek System.

The Breen are already in the system and obviously on their way to leave. The player engages a squadron, believing the ships carry another part of the map. Before the ships are destroyed, one of them transmits an unsecured message that the player's crew is able to intercept. It in fact contains another piece of the chart, pointing to Raveh II.

At Raveh II, the Breen are already attacking an archaeological dig site. The player's crew uncovers the final piece of the chart and assembles it but while they have to fight the Breen invaders, led by Thot Par, a Breen scientist manages to scan the chart and beam away, thus providing Thot Trel with the location of the Archive.


Mission Text[]

You must return to Defera immediately!

The Breen are searching for Preserver technology, and they have once again targeted the ruins near our city. I fear that more of my people will die, and with each death the Balance shifts. These attacks need to stop!

We are depending on you. Stop the Breen, and keep the secrets of the Preservers safe from their treachery.


Go to the Defera system, which is in the Defera Sector of the Alpha Quadrant, and stop the Breen.



  • Descent to Defera
  • Digging Defera
    • Go To Defera
    • Assess the Situation
    • Search the Ruins for a Starmap Fragment
    • Scan the Hologram
    • Beam to Ship
  • Defera Defilade
    • Go To Defera System
    • Officer Report
    • Defeat the Breen Squadron
    • Travel to the S'hinga System
  • Preserved for Posterity
    • Go To S'hinga System
    • Analyze Anomalous Gas Pocket
    • Scan Abnormal Lunar Topography
    • Destroy Asteroid Rubble (0/3)
    • Scan the Star Chart
    • Depart System
  • Missing on Manek
    • Go To Manek System
    • Defeat Fleeing Breen Squadron
    • Analyze Wreckage
    • Depart System
  • Race to Raveh II
  • Dig Site Disaster
    • Go To Raveh II
    • Defeat Breen Guards (0/3)
    • Temporal objective.png Investigate Temporal Probe (Temporal Agent)
    • Destroy the Cave Wall
    • Activate the Preserver Console
    • Defeat the Thot Par and Guards
    • Scan the Starchart
    • Assemble the Starchart
    • Depart System
  • Report to Ambassador Surah




  • Critter Rank 3 icon.png Ambassador Surah

NPC starships[]


  • none


Breen Confederacy[]


There are no accolades specific to this mission.


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Preserver Ruins[]

To solve the puzzle at the ruins, use the individual Rally Point buttons for each Bridge Officer. Set them on each of the four corner pads and have your character stand on the center pad. At this time, all the square panels will light up. The trick is to activate the three that you need in the proper order to unlock the starmap.

You can find a cheat sheet for the puzzle here:

Preserver Puzzle Guide. Do note that the diagram is not in normal "North is to the top" positioning and you'll have to check the location of the stairs to orient it correctly.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing might be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
48–49 Faction FED25.png Rear Admiral UH
Faction KDF.png Major General
Faction Romulan Republic.png Subadmiral II
1935 1856 X
50 Faction Romulan Republic.png Vice Admiral 2232 1949 XI

Feature Episode Notes[]

  • Fourth of five missions of the first Feature Episode The Breen released in fall 2010. Later retitled Cold War, the missions are currently available for all factions, forming the Breen Invasion storyline episode.
  • The mission is part of the Feature Episode re-runs, and as such eligible for limited time, special mission rewards.
    • For the first Feature Episode Rerun week (May 5–11, 2011) new mission rewards were added to this episode, including making the rewards previously only available through mission replay available for selection on the first run, adding the [Supercooled Combat Impulse Engine] (a permanent addition to the mission rewards) and adding the choice of level-appropriate badges for the duration of the Rerun week.
    • During the forth Feature Episode re-run (October 31 to December 5, 2013) the mission was eligible for the daily Lobi Crystal reward (once 15 Lobi Crystal icon.png per player account and day).


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