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Faction Khitomer.png Colony Invasion
Given by:
Cooldown Timer:
Normal difficulty
July 12, 2012
< 24 Fleet Marks
Disambig icon.png For a mission with similar name, see Colony Invasion Simulation.

Colony Invasion is a 5 player ground mission rewarding fleet marks Fleet Marks and requiring the players to drive back random invading forces to secure a colony.


The colony

Many colonies along the edges of Federation space were abandoned when fighting broke out between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Some of these have been left to decay. Others have been taken over by colonists who want to remain independent from the Federation and are willing to take the risks that come with living on the edge of disaster. The Federation is concerned about these colonists, and with the recent escalation in hostilities in those areas, they have been trying to relocate as many colonies as possible. Unfortunately, most of the inhabitants of these worlds have no interest in moving. The Federation Council sent a diplomatic envoy to one such planet, and that’s when things got ugly…

During the Colony Invasion, timed objectives will become available which include downloading colony data, rescuing/capturing diplomats and rescuing/capturing wounded colonists. Securing the colony will earn some rewards with bonuses based on how many of the timed objectives you can complete along the way. There also is an optional battle against a Mugato.


Mission Text[]

Enemy forces attack a Federation colony! Starfleet arrives to rescue the colonists, while the Klingon Empire hopes to capture valuable prisoners and information!



  • Read Mission Briefing (30 seconds)
    • Repel Invaders (0/10)
      • Data Download (0/3)
      • Diplomats (0/3)
      • Injured Colonists (0/3)
  • Beam Out


The enemy type the players will encounter are random. The colony may be invaded by one of the following factions: Klingons (for FED players), Federation (for KDF players), Jem'Hadar, Breen, Undine, and Hirogen.



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