Mission: D'kel Nebula Exploration: Commander

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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
Faction KDF.png D'kel Nebula Exploration: Commander
Given by:
Lieutenant Commander 10
Story Arc:
60 Expertise icon.png

Mission Text[edit | edit source]

Much of the D'kel Star Cluster is uncharted. We're diverting ships to explore that area of space, and I think the I.K.S. <ship name> is right for the mission.

Don't wander too long. The Empire needs warriors like you on the fields of battle.

The D'kel Star Cluster can be found off of the Qu'Vat Sector Block.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Explore Systems (3)
  • Report to Lieutenant Atonone

Goal[edit | edit source]

Explore 3 systems in the D'kel Star Cluster and report back with your findings.

Mission Completion[edit | edit source]

You have done well. May you never know defeat.

Notes[edit | edit source]