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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
Faction Starfleet.png DS9 Under Siege
Given by:
Grigori Yanishev
Captain 0
238 Expertise icon.png

DS9 under Siege! is a fleet action for Federation players.

Mission Text[]

<rank>, we're picking up a priority one distress signal from Captain Kurland at Deep Space 9.

True Way Cardassian forces under the command of Gul Emek have laid siege to DS9! They've boarded the station and are blockading access to it and the wormhole.

I have diverted a task force to recapture the wormhole, but I need away teams to retake the station!

<rank>, I need you in this fight. Team up with your fellow Starfleet captains in this ground fleet action and save DS9!


Help retake Deep Space 9 in the Bajor Sector of the Beta Ursae Sector Block, in Cardassia Sector Space.


Floor trophy

  • Break the Siege!
    • Blast Open Cargo Bay Hatch
    • Clear Enemies from Corridor (25)
    • Shut Down Force Fields (8)
    • Rescue the Temple
      • Clear the Temple and secure the Orb
      • Find and Rescue the Vedek
    • Stop Auto destruct Sequence
      • Change Codes
      • Override Lockouts
      • Shut Down Auto Destruct


Icon Name Requirements Points Unlocks
Promenaded icon.png Promenaded 1st Place in the Deep Space 9 Fleet Action 10 "DS9 under Siege" floor trophy


As of Season 5, this ground fleet action along with its space counterpart “Foxes and Hounds” are no longer available.

Coming in first place results in the accolade Promenaded and a floor trophy.

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