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Defend Rh'Ihho Station consists of three phases:

  • Destroying Elachi Devices
  • Rescuing Engineers
  • Stoping Elachi Sabotage

There is an optional objective that lasts the whole mission to not let a Skitterer attach to you. If any player lets a Skitterer attach to them, the optional fails.

First Phase: Destroying Elachi Devices[]


The first phase involves destroying six Elachi devices located throughout the map. The devices are small hovering machines that are usually found in corners. They have no shielding and are easily destroyed.

Second Phase: Rescuing Engineers[]

The second phase requires rescuing six Engineers from the Elachi. Each Engineer has a Skitterer attached to them which, after being shot by the player, respawns near the Engineer and attacks any player or player pet in the vicinity. Each Engineer is guarded by an Elachi Beta with support troops, and once engaged the Elachi tend to beam-in various turrets and pets to assist them against the players.

Third Phase: Stop Elachi Sabotage[]

The final phase gives you 1:00 minute to remove an Elachi device from the Singularity Core at the centre of the main Engineering area. The device is guarded by an Elachi Predator and therefore means that the Predator needs to be distracted while a player moves in to remove the device.

All Elachi must be defeated to complete the mission.


  • Rebreather or an Environmental Suit will completely protect the player from the gas released by Elachi drones.
  • Elachi personal shields are unusually strong, and so any ability and/or weapon that can either bypass or remove their shields in order to get to their weak health points is strongly advised. It is suggested that players use TR-116B Rifle - Sniper Rifle.
  • Engineers cannot be rescued until all Elachi who guard them have been killed.