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Faction Starfleet.png Zeta Andromedae Sector Block Defense
Given by:
Adina Charles
Captain 7
Story Arc:
Tour of Duty
250 Expertise icon.png


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Mission Text[]

Hostile activity has been reported in the Zeta Andromedae Sector Block.

According to Federation-Cardassian Treaty negotiated by Ambassador Picard in the late 2380's, Starfleet is obligated to help the Cardassians protect their space from invasion.

The True Way know this, and they're taking advantage of it. By attacking ships and worlds in the Zeta Andromedae Sector Block, they're trying to drain our resources and make us vulnerable to a larger attack.

We need to stop hostile vessels before they can reach populated worlds. Patrol the Zeta Andromedae Sector Block. If you encounter an enemy vessel, I'm authorizing you to use whatever force necessary to deal with the problem.


Locate and secure three wandering enemy signal contacts in the Zeta Andromedae Sector Block.


  • Defeat Enemy Signal Contacts (0/3)
  • Report to Commander Adina Charles