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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
Faction Starfleet.png Diplomatic Investigations
Given by:
Jiro Sugihara
Diplomatic XP:
100 Cxp diplomatic icon.png

In Diplomatic Investigations, players of attaché rank or higher are directed to a given star cluster where they complete a non-combat exploration mission for diplomatic XP.


Ambassador Jiro Sugihara directs players to a given star cluster where they can, upon entering, immediately begin a non-combat exploration mission that grants diplomatic XP. Players must have a diplomatic rank of attaché rank or higher to perform these investigations. The exploration missions are usually of the following:

  • “Relief Effort”
  • "Investigate Ship's Fate"
  • "Investigate Planet"
  • "Investigate Decommissioned Base"

The exploration missions are the same as those encountered by entering unknown systems in the given star cluster with the exception that missions involving combat are excluded (usually).


Mission text[]

While they are not as diplomatically important as a first contact mission, there are numerous tasks in which the FDC or one of its members has an interest.

Though these missions may not initially seem important to the goals of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, these investigations and interactions build a core dossier of activities associated with you, the Federation, and Starfleet.

The effect even a single piece of seemingly unconnected piece of information can have on diplomatic negotiations is amazing! Every detail is important to the FDC.


  • This mission does not appear in the mission journal.
    • Instead, upon entering the relevant star cluster, a button labeled "Diplomatic Investigation" appears that starts the exploration mission.
    • Additionally, this mission cannot be turned in. The rewards are granted automatically at the completion of the exploration mission.
  • More than one "Diplomatic Investigation" mission can be active at one time, but there is no way to see which are active, save for entering the relevant star clusters.
  • In rare cases, a Diplomatic Investigation may start a mission that includes combat. In these cases, no diplomatic XP will be granted for completing the mission.
  • Diplomatic Investigations are given out at higher rates for players of higher level.