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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. The mission has been removed as part of the Romulan Mystery revamp, released with the 5 Year Anniversary Event on January 29, 2015.
Faction Starfleet.png Divide et Impera
Given by:
Preceded by:
Followed by:
“Saturday's Child”
Story Arc:
Romulan Mystery
2975 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

In Divide et Impera the player is dispatched on a covert mission into Romulan space.


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Mission Text[]

Admiral Zelle is our expert on the Romulans, <rank>.

She has been dealing with them for most of her Starfleet career, and I trust her opinion.

She needs a ship and a crew for a top-secret mission. Speak to her and follow her instructions.


Meet Admiral Zelle on Starbase 39-Sierra, which is located in the Sierra Sector of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block. You will then take the admiral to the to the Vendor System, which is located in the Vendor Sector of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block.


  • Speak With Zelle
  • Weapons of War
    • Go To Vendor System
    • Defeat Romulan Squadrons (0/4)
    • Beam to Station
  • Empty Pursuit
    • Go To Vendor Station
    • Scan Crates for Weapons (0/4)
    • Access Station Computer
  • Vaporware
    • Find the Command Center
    • Access Command Computers (0/3)
    • Defeat Commander Selok
    • Confront Admiral Zelle
    • Defeat Admiral Zelle, the Undine
    • Return to Ship
  • Escape from Vendor
    • Go To Vendor System
    • Defeat Romulan Squadrons (0/2)
    • Depart System
  • Report to Starfleet


NPC starships[]




There are no accolades specific to this mission.


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Mission Reward[]

The current Career-Specific Mk <> Kit Reward was introduced on April 22, 2014 with release of Season Nine: A New Accord, and consists of a career-specific Kit Frame (with random modifiers) and a random Kit Module.

  • Tactical Officer: [Tactical Kit Mk VI] [Lv 27+]
  • Science Officer: [Science Kit Mk VI] [Lv 27+]
  • Engineering Officer: [Engineering Kit Mk VI] [Lv 27+]

With the release of the Legacy of Romulus expansion on May 21, 2013, all missions originally rewarding a choice out of three profession-specific Kits, rewarded a packed up Profession-Specific Mk <> Kit Reward, that automatically scaled to the player's level and his chosen profession. (Release Note 2013-05-21)

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing might be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
27–29 Commander 1552 1338 VI
30–39 Captain 1743 1878 VIII
40–49 Rear Admiral LH & UH 1935 1856 X
50 Vice Admiral 2126 1856 XI


  • Admiral Zelle is located in the Admiral's Office on Starbase 39. She is bald and wearing a red dress uniform.
  • As of 16th February 2010 this mission has a bug that may cause the mission to not complete. At the end when you are meant to beam up to your ship after killing the Undine, you may just end up not doing anything and Commander Selok is just standing in the room doing nothing. Some players have reported fixing the problem by:
    • Relogging
    • Staying close to Zelle through the mission
    • Restarting the mission
  • No explanation is offered for why Admiral Zelle is still present at Starbase 39 at the conclusion of this mission.
  • The title "Divide et Impera" means "Divide and Reign".
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