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Faction Khitomer.png Downfall
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“Para Pacem”
October 9, 2018
15041 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

In Downfall, the player must defend Starbase 1 from J'Ula's forces.


Warning Note that after completing this mission for the first time, the completing character will forever lose access to Starfleet Academy (23rd Century). This will prevent the character[1] from being able to cheaply buy Era-Appropriate Gear (Discovery-era Phaser Stun-Bolt Pistols or Prototype Photon Torpedo Launchers), and will also forfeit a Token for freely acquiring a Federation Shuttlecraft if the Token has not been spent yet. Players are recommended to buy any desired items before leaving the 23rd Century.

  1. Note that "character" refers to just the single completing character on the account. However, it is always possible to create another 23rd Century character on the same account, and the new character will have access to Starfleet Academy (23rd Century) until the new character themselves completes this mission for the first time.


Mission text[]

DSC Starfleet[]

Starbase 1 has been attacked by the Klingons. Though they have repelled the first wave of attack, it is highly likely that more Klingon forces will resume the assault soon. We need you to assist Starbase 1 and defend it from Klingon attack immediately.


The arrival of House Mo'kai[sic] forces from the past is a cause for concern. J'Ula is a controversial figure, and we need to handle the situation with caution. The wrong move could spark an interstellar incident, and after recent events, that's the last thing anyone in the Alliance needs.

I've arranged a simulation for you - I want you to experience J'Ula in action, get an idea on how she thinks and fights. You might be facing the real thing soon enough, and I want you to be ready if that happens.


The arrival of House Mo'kai forces from the past is a problem. J'Ula is dangerous. Left unchecked, she could sow unrest in the Empire… even rebellion.

There's a simulation I want you to study. You'll face J'Ula in battle. Get an idea on how she thinks and fights. You might be facing the real thing soon enough, and I want you to be ready if that happens.

This needs to end, and soon. Qapla'!


House Mo'kai… a name thought lost to the past. J'Ula has returned, and she brings disruption and chaos along with her. A most worrisome prospect, and for more than the Empire.

It is said the best way to understand a Klingon is to face them in battle. I've had a simulation prepared that allows you to do so. I suspect you'll meet the real J'Ula soon enough; I want you to be prepared when that happens.


I bring you greetings from the Founders, and a most unusual assignment.

Our friends in the Alliance have troublesome news - an enemy long thought dead has returned. Left unchecked, she could bring disruption and unrest to the Klingon Empire. Such chaos could pose a danger to the Dominion as well. This will not do.

There is a saying - the best way to understand a Klingon is to face them in battle. And so, I've had a simulation prepared to allow you to do just that. Prepare yourself, study this J'Ula well. Knowledge is power, power leads to victory, and victory... is life.


Go to Starbase 1 and assist with its defense.


  • The Tipping Point
    • Go To Starbase One[note 1]
    • Answer Hail From Starbase 1
    • Defeat Klingon Scavengers
    • Answer Hail From Starbase 1
    • Rescue Starfleet Crews
      • Rescue Crew of the Churchill
      • Rescue Crew of the Cardiff
      • Rescue Crew of the Vancouver
      • Rescue Crew of the Macedonia
    • Answer Starbase 1 Hail
    • Scuttle Starfleet vessels
      • Scuttle the Churchill
      • Scuttle the Cardiff
      • Scuttle the Vancouver
      • Scuttle the Macedonia
    • Answer Hail From Starbase 1
    • Beam Supplies and Survivors to Starbase 1
  • At The Gates
    • Respond to Starbase 1 Hail
    • Repel the Klingon Assault
  • Stand Or Fall
    • Answer Hail From Starbase 1
    • Delay Klingon Fleet During Evacuation
    • Defeat Remaining Klingons
    • Answer Hail from Admiral Kensington
    • Defeat The Lukara
  • Talk To Logistics Officer

NPC starships[]


Klingon Empire[]


There are no accolades specific to this mission.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing may be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:


  1. When accepting it from the 25th century, the mission can be started from any position in Sector Space.

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