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Faction KDF.png End of Watch
End of Watch.jpg
Followed by:
“Red Alert!”
Story Arc:
21 May, 2013

End of Watch is the first mission for players of the Klingon faction. Here, the player learns the basic controls of Star Trek Online while becoming involved in the Klingon Empire storyline.


Routine operations aboard a B'rel Bird-of-Prey.


The player is on the bridge at the end of the night watch and must approve the Duty Logs before the Captain arrives to relieve them. After their shift they go to the Holodeck for some target practice before going to sleep in their rack.

Mission Text[]

Welcome to Star Trek Online!

You are the Second Officer on board the I.K.S. <shipname>, tasked with watching over the bridge while the Captain and First Officer sleep. Now your shift is approaching its end and you will be given other duties.


Perform your duties on the I.K.S. <shipname>.


Lt. K'Gan

  • Welcome to Star Trek Online!
  • Talk to Lt. K'Gan
  • Approve Duty Logs
  • Return to Lt. K'Gan
  • Captain on the Bridge
  • Greet the Captain

    Captain Jurlek

  • Exit the Bridge via the Turbolift
  • Go to the Holodeck for Target Practice
  • Program Holodeck via Control Panel
  • Use Disruptor to Destroy Holotargets (0/5)
  • Delta objective.png Talk to Future Self (Delta Recruits)
  • Go to Crew Quarters (use Turbolift)
  • Sleep in Your Rack

The USS Musashi attacks the player's ship during a prisoner transfer with the I.K.S. Seg'pa.




  • Holographic target


Icon Name Description How to obtain Points
Welcome to Star Trek Online! icon.png Welcome to Star Trek Online! You have completed your training and are embarking on a career of adventure and exploration. Good Luck! Automatically awarded at the start of the mission 0


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


For a full transcript of this mission, visit the Transcript page.


  • The "Welcome to Star Trek Online" message at the beginning of this mission is read out by Michael Dorn. This has been removed with the remastered tutorial from Season Twenty as part of the Year of Klingon updates.
  • This mission is acquired automatically and cannot be dropped; on completion the following mission starts automatically.
  • There are no rewards for this mission.
  • This mission was revamped with new cutscenes and environmental art in Season Twenty: House Divided, as part of the Year of Klingon updates.
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