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Faction Starfleet.png Explore Strange New Worlds
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Space is vast. Despite the large size of the Federation, there's still a great deal of unexplored territory at every border. Charting those areas of space is part of Starfleet's scientific mandate.

I, Lieutenant Hana, or one of the other exploration contacts can direct you to the star clusters where the Federation has limited or no information about distant areas of space. Carry out our mission of exploration and expand the boundaries of the Federation's knowledge.


Accept a mission to explore 3 systems in a star cluster, then report in after you complete the exploration.


  • Complete an Exploration Tour


  • This mission can be completed once every 20 hours. The timer starts when the player accepts the mission.
  • The mission requires accepting and completing an Exploration Tour mission in an Exploration Cluster.
  • Exploration Clusters and associated missions were removed with the Season 9.5 update patch on 17 July 2014.
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