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Faction Starfleet.png First Contact
Faction Q.png
Given by:
Jiro Sugihara
Diplomatic XP:
100 Cxp diplomatic icon.png
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In First Contact, a player of at least Envoy rank enters a star cluster to establish first contact with a new species.


In these diplomatic missions, offered at the diplomatic rank of Envoy or above, players travel to a given star cluster to meet with representatives previously unknown alien species. The mission is started by clicking on the "Initiate First Contact Mission" button that appears upon entry.

Representatives are invited to the observation lounge of the player's starship after approaching the alien ship, where players then speak to three of the representatives to learn about the alien race. After this, players speak with the alien race's ambassador, answering a brief series of questions that depend on information gleaned from the other representatives and sometimes from Star Trek canon.

If the ambassador is satisfied with the answers, leading to a successful first contact, 20 Cxp diplomatic icon.png are awarded. Only 10 Cxp diplomatic icon.png are awarded for an unsuccessful first contact.


Mission text[]

As more Starfleet vessels explore the systems in the <star cluster>, we discover more previously unknown species. I believe that your background and past deeds make you an ideal candidate to perform the standard First Contact protocols with a new species that has been found there.

A diplomatic delegation from this species has agreed to meet with your ship inside the <star cluster>. Good luck.


  • Approach the Ship
  • Talk to the Visiting Diplomatic Staff
    • Talk to the Attaché
    • Talk to the Envoy
    • Talk to the Diplomat
  • Talk to the Ambassador
  • First Contact Result





  • <alien> Ensign
  • Ambassador
  • Attache
  • Diplomat
  • Envoy


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