Mission: Gateway to Gre'thor/Walkthrough

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Once you are in the instance with your team, you have about 30 seconds to add any buffs you need for the first part of this mission. There are 5 areas with enemies in the first wave. 2 areas are in the asteroids. One area is around the starbase (left) . One area is around the shipyard (right). And the last area is in front of the planet in between the starbase and shipyard.

To be able to win all the objectives requires teamwork. There are 2 strategies. First is "DPS divide and conquer strategy." This method only works if you have at least 3 heavy DPS ships that can eliminate enemies quickly. For most teams on quickplay, this method does not work to achieve the bonus objective in time. The other method is a "complete team attack", in which all members attack together. Note: for the first part of the mission, the only enemies teams need to focus on are the ones by the starbase and shipyard with "attacking" in its name. Ignore the ships in the asteroids, and in front of the planet, as this will waste valuable time. If teams attempt the "Complete Team Attack" method, the best way to go about this is to first pick a side for the entire team to go to. Lets start left to right, for example. The entire team goes to the starbase and attacks the "attacking" ships in 2 waves very fast and furiously. Next all members must high tail it to the shipyard, making sure to ignore the middle ships, and do the same exact thing around the shipyard. If done with buffs, proper gearing and with proper energy allocation, even the weakest ships should be able to aid in achieving the bonus objective and completing the first part of the mission in time.

The second part of this mission requires the team to split up. At least two members need to stay at either the starbase or shipyard. Shift your energy allocation to engines, and utilize whatever buffs for speed and energy turn you can for this part of the mission. The team needs to get at least 25 ships to Qo'Nos alive to complete the objective. Those troop transports have faster engines than any ship in the team. The snag is that they are being attacked by spawning enemies and get trapped in radiation gateways. This part of the mission is not about killing the enemy. It is about distracting enemy fire away from the transports. AoE attacks such as Fire at will and torpedo spread are enough to get a gang of ships to focus fire on you and not the transports. Again, the enemy ships are not the mission here. The name of the game is to close those pesky radiation gates. If one ship stays close to the planet and another close to the starbase, those radiation gates (green) can be close quickly before they destroy the transports. The secondary option is to close the spawning gateways (yellow), but the main focus is to close the radiation gates ASAP. Again, allocating power to engines and using maneuverability buffs and abilities is key here to getting to all of the radiation gates quickly and getting at least 25 ships in time. If done as suggested, your team should be able to get between 25 and 45 ships in under 3 minutes. Each additional ship past 25 will count toward bonus marks at the end of the mission.

The last part of the mission requires the team to defeat the wave of enemies. Here is where most teams fail the objective. As long as the dreadnaught is still alive, it will continue to spawn more ships, solar gateways, etc. So the focus should remain on the dreadnaught first. Make sure to switch power to weapons and continue to use every attack and debuff at your disposal. After awhile the dreadnaught jams sensors, temporarily cloaks and moves to a new location. One of the ways to counter this is to have science team ability as well as using the singularity BOff powers. Romulan players can continue to use their singularity jump ability or singularity projectile to quickly attack the enemy. Since the shields are hard to penetrate, plasma weapons seem to be the most affective at degrading the hull, as well as powerful tetryon weapons to quickly drain the shields to apply heavy damage to its hull. The ship has a slow heal cycle, but does regenerate, so continue to focus the attack on the dreadnaught and when possible, get its shields down to do serious damage. If the team defeats the dreadnaugt quick enough, the other enemies will stop spawning and the team can quickly destroy the remaining foes. Science captains that use photonic fleet, as well as captains that summon the pirate ships, from the communicator that was obtained on Nimbus, can quickly add additional firepower to destroy the fleet and the dreadnaught quickly. If done effectively, the team can achieve the last objective in time. DPS and power in numbers is the key to defeating the dreadnaught quickly. Players should equip the best possible equipment and suitable weapons before attempting this mission on Elite. Once the Dreadnaught and fleet are destroyed the mission is completed.