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Faction Starfleet.png Graduation Day
Graduation Day.png
Followed by:
“Training Cruise”
Story Arc:
November 12, 2013

In Graduation Day, the player learns about the controls and gets their first shipboard assignment.


The player begins the game at Starfleet Academy where it is Graduation Day for all of the Cadets. After talking to the other cadets on the grounds, the player proceeds to get assigned to a ship and has to complete one final exercise before getting assigned to Captain Taggart's ship.


Mission Text[]

It is the end of the year for the Class of 2409, and you're preparing to embark upon your Training Cruise, where the graduating cadets are assigned positions aboard a starship based on how well they did throughout the semester.

With an experienced captain there to guide you, you'll learn about life on a starship.


Prepare for your first assignment on a starship.


  • Welcome to Star Trek Online!

    Starfleet Academy

  • Move Forward
  • Talk to Elisa Flores
  • Locate Razkii
  • Talk to Razkii
  • Locate T'Vrell
  • Talk to T'Vrell
  • Locate Morek
  • Talk to Morek
  • Locate Lieutenant Ferra
  • Talk to Lieutenant Ferra
  • Go to Captain Taggart's Office
  • Ring the Doorbell
  • Enter Captain Taggart's Office
  • Speak with Captain Taggart
  • Locate Elisa Flores
  • Talk to Flores
  • Follow Flores
  • Talk to Cadet Flores
  • Locate Weapon Locker
  • Get a Pistol from the Locker
  • Enter Holodeck 2
  • Move to the Center of the Room
  • Begin the Program
  • Move onto the Klingon Bridge
  • Defeat the Targets (0/4)
  • Delta objective.png Talk to Your Future Self (Delta Recruits)
  • End the Holodeck Program
  • Debriefing
    • Talk to Captain Taggart
    • Talk to Flores
  • Head for the Turbolift
  • Use Turbolift to Arrive at Shuttle Bay
  • Talk to Flores
  • Lead a Toast to the Class of 2409
  • Talk to Deck Officer






  • Klingon Target


Icon Name Description How to obtain Points
Welcome to Star Trek Online! icon.png Welcome to Star Trek Online! You have completed your training and are embarking on a career of adventure and exploration. Good Luck! Automatically awarded at the start of the mission 0


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