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Faction FedRomKDF Hearts and Minds
Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station
April 12th 2012, 6:00am PST
1984 (50) Experience Point icon
1732 (50) Expertise icon
Plus all of the following:

In Hearts and Minds, the player investigates the Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station and discovers the unethical research performed there by Doctor Sibak.

Availability[ | ]

The mission was available on each Friday the 13th and Halloween "and perhaps another sufficiently horrifying day that we might choose."[1] It was replaced in 2021 by the Halloween Event, though the mission itself still remains available.[2]

  • The mission was available on:
    • 2012: Friday, April 13
    • 2012: Friday, July 13
    • 2012: Halloween: October 30, to November 1
    • 2013: Friday, September 13
    • 2013: Halloween: October 30 to November 1
    • 2013: Friday, December 13
    • 2014: Friday, June 13
    • 2014: Halloween: October 30 to November 1
    • 2015: Friday, February 13
    • 2015: Friday, March 13
    • 2015: Halloween: October 31
    • 2015: Friday, November 13
    • 2016: Friday, May 13
    • 2016: Halloween: October 31
    • 2017: Friday, January 13
    • 2017: Friday, October 13
    • 2017: Halloween: October 30 to November 1
    • 2018: Friday, April 13
    • 2018: Friday, July 13
    • 2018: Halloween: October 31
    • 2019: Friday, September 13
    • 2021: Friday, August 13
    • 2022: Halloween Event: 13th October - 3rd November

Synopsis[ | ]

When the player enters the station the away team is attacked by an automated defense system, that the player needs to override. While investigating the base the player finds evidence of medical experimentation. Finally, the away team finds a laboratory filled with clones of Doctor Sibak, all but one in stasis.

When talking to the clone, he attacks the away team, trying to stop them from obstructing the research. Finally, the player finds another room filled with clones, who immediately attack. After sweeping the station, the away team finds no evidence that Sibak experimented on any other sentient life forms than his own clones.

Outline[ | ]

Mission text[ | ]

Faction Federation Franklin Drake

I've lost contact with an old . . . colleague. Doctor Sibak was a Vulcan priest, but he worked with the Vulcan science academy studying psionic phenomena.

A few years ago he went into seclusion on a remote research station in the Donatu system. He hasn't been heard from in some time. I'd like someone to check up on him.

Don't worry, He's just a typical Vulcan by himself. You shouldn't have any problems.

Faction Klingon K'men

Several years ago, a reclusive Vulcan scientist and mystic by the name of Sibak settled a research station on a moon of Donatu Prime. He was a psionic adept of considerable power, and having him on the Neutral Zone makes me wonder what sort of information the Federation might be uncovering through his telepathic skills.

Our traffic analysts have indicated that the station is no longer reporting. Now is the perfect time to find out what exactly has been going on there.

Goal[ | ]

Go to the Donatu system in the Donatu sector, and investigate the research station.

Objectives[ | ]

  • Go To Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station
  • Investigate Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station
    • Find Dr. Sibak
      • Escape from the Quarantine Chamber
      • Examine Reseach Lab For Clues
      • Explore further into the Station
      • Search Additional Research Facilities
      • Find Dr. Sibak's "Research Subjects"
    • Confront Doctor Sibak's Clones
    • Leave Donatu
  • Hail Franklin Drake

NPCs[ | ]


Dr. Sibak

Enemies[ | ]

Vulcan[ | ]

Wildlife[ | ]

Accolades[ | ]

Icon Name Description How to Obtain Points
Val'reth icon Val'reth Investigate the laboratory of Dr. Sibak Turn in the completed mission. 10


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Mission Replay[ | ]

This mission is repeatable and can be replayed to obtain additional copies of the rewards, however there is a rather large cooldown so repeating it within the current event may not be possible. Replaying the mission awards an additional


Level Rank Mark <>
11-19 Lieutenant Commander IV
20-29 Commander VI
30–39 Captain VIII
40–49 Rear Admiral I & II X
50 Vice Admiral XI

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

"In defense of the kind soul who spent their own personal time making this mission quite some time ago but was asked if they would hold of publishing it so we use it for a fun little Friday the 13th event - that person doesn't deserve the crap laid on them by this thread." (sic)[3]
  • The [Special Duty Officer - Unknown] contains a rare Dr. Sibak (clone) Duty Officer.
  • Possibly related to its status as a Friday The 13th/Halloween special mission, the total number of enemies in the mission - two turrets, five Flea Spiders and six clones - comes to thirteen.
  • The reward "Emote Unlock: Zombie Dance" was added with the Halloween 2017 (October 31st) run of the event.

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