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Faction Khitomer.png Illusion of Communication
EP - Illusion of Communication.png
Given by:

Preceded by:
“Para Pacem”
Followed by:
“Beneath the Skin”
Story Arc:
J'Ula's Discovery
January 23, 2019
14325 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:

Illusion of Communication is the second of two missions released with Mirror of Discovery on January 23, 2019. It follows Captain Tilly's perversion of Pahvo and the fight to return her I.S.S. Discovery back to its own time.


Mission text[]

Our information about events on Pahvo is... incomplete, but I believe the Terrans are undertaking a large-scale operation there. They have managed to coerce the planet's consciousness into serving their violent needs. Furthermore, they've turned Pahvo's transmitter into a potent weapon.

Time is of the essence. While the Alliance is mobilizing a larger response, we are, in effect, first res ponders. It falls to us to do what we can to stop Captain Tilly and her crew before they solidify their control of Pahvo. Failing to do so could be catastrophic.

Ideally, we should return the Discovery and her crew to their proper time and space. Under the circumstances, removing the Terran presence from Pahvo is the more immediate, logical, need.


Go to the Pahvo system in the Beta quadrant, stop Captain Killy from taking over the planet, and send the I.S.S. Discovery home.


  • Fallen from Heaven
    • Briefing
    • Scan the Nearest Portal
    • Defeat Klingon Scavengers (_/3)
    • Beam Survivors Aboard (_/3)
  • Mouthless Mutters
    • Situation Report
    • Check On the Vulcans (_/3)
    • Fetch Pahvan Crystal Samples
    • Secure the Research Camp
      • Disable the Agonizer Outside of the Research Camp
    • Stop the Terrans
      • Defeat Terrans by the River
      • Disable Agonizer by the River
      • Place uncorrupted Crystal Near the River
      • Defeat Terrans in the Meadow
      • Disable Agonizer in the Meadow
      • Disable the Vulcan Researchers
      • Treat Chief Scientists Somat
      • Defeat Terrans in the Mountain Pass
      • Disable Agonizer in the Mountain Pass
    • Disable Terran Force Field Generator
    • Find Captain Tilly
    • Defeat Captain Tilly
    • Search Terran Equipment
    • Return to Your Ship
  • Turn of the Screw
    • Situation Report
    • Disable the I.S.S. Discovery
    • Contact the I.S.S. Discovery
    • Place Probes Surrounding the I.S.S. Discovery (_/3)
    • Defend Discovery and Probes During Activation
    • Depart System




  • Somat
  • Vulcan Researcher
  • Vulcan Security



NPC starships[]



Klingon Empire[]


Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Stashed Behind the Mirror Found a stash of high quality Terran gear Just before the third agonizer at the cave, there is a path on the left that leads through some bushes to a small clearing containing a Terran shuttle. There are three R&D nodes and a crate. Opening the crate will trigger the accolade and reward a rare MK XIV Discovery-era sniper rifle and a couple of minor consumables 10


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


  • The title of the episode is from a quote by George Bernard Shaw: "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

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