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Faction FED23.png In the Shadow of Cestus
EP - In the Shadow of Cestus.png
Given by:
Isaac Garrett
Followed by:
“Painful Omens”
July 5, 2016
780 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

In In the Shadow of Cestus, the player provides Starfleet support on a planet occupied by the Gorn.


The Player is sent to Edren IV to back up Federation research teams on the planet. As the player's ship enters the system, they're hailed by the USS Zheng He, whose captain invites the player with an away team to the planet. On the surface, the player's away team, including Tarsi and Ensign Hunter, meet Skavrin, and begin taking mineral scans. While this happens, one of the Gorn ships explodes, and the Gorn turn against the Federation forces, also stranding the player in the valley. While remembering Kirk's reports on the planet, Skavrin recommends to the player to make a bomb with the resources available in order to escape from there. Skavrin's plan succeeds, and the player is able to escape, rescue the Federation scientists and returns to the ship. The player finds the Zheng He incapacitated, and needs to defend it from a Ddraig Cruiser. After the player helps the disabled Daedalus class vessel, its captain recommends the player to investigate the debris of the exploded Gorn ship. While doing it, Skavrin discovers that the Romulans are responsible for the explosion. The player then has to disable the same Gorn Ship and reveal to them who was truly responsible, and then it's up to the player and the Gorn captain to defeat three Romulan vessels. As the battle concludes, the Gorn captain and the player agree on resuming scientific research.


Mission text[]

Ever hear of Edren IV? Jim Kirk got into a tussle with a Gorn there and barely lived to tell the tale.

Both the Gorn and the Federation have teams there now. I'd like you to back our people up in case the Gorn decide to engage in a little "cowboy diplomacy."


Head to Edren IV and assist the researchers there.


  • Beginnings
    • Beam to Ship
    • Go to Sector Space
  • Entering the Shadow
    • Go to Edren IV System
    • Hail the U.S.S. Zheng He
    • Approach Edren IV
    • Receive Ensign Skavrin's Report
    • Beam Down Engineering Team
    • Check in with Staff
    • Perform Orbital Scan
    • Sensor Report
    • Beam Down
  • Sands of Edren IV
    • Go To Edren IV
    • Scientific Pursuits
      • Speak with Ensign Skavrin
      • Take Mineral Scans (0/5)
      • Examine Minerals Ahead
      • Listen to Ensign Skavrin
    • The Plan
      • Fight Off Gorn attackers
      • Hail Ship
      • Survey Cliffside for Alternative Route Back to Camp
      • Come Up With a Plan
      • Confirm Plan
    • The Gauntlet
      • Gather Materials for Explosives
        • Bamboo (0/3)
        • Gather Coal
        • Gather Sulphur
        • Gather Potassium Nitrate

Shadow of Cestus Bomb.jpg

      • Speak with Skavrin at Base of Cliff
      • Defend Your Officers From Gorn (0/3)
      • Place Charges at Cliff Base (0/3)
      • Move Away from the Bomb
    • Return to Basecamp
      • Return to Camp by Climbing the Toppled Rock
      • Defeat Gorn To Save Scientists
      • Speak with Doctor Ward
    • Beam up to ship
  • Those Who are About to Die
    • Go To Edren IV System
    • Saluting the Zheng He
      • Answer Hail
      • Fly to the Zheng He
      • Hail the Zheng He
      • Defend the U.S.S. Zheng He
      • Answer Hail from the Zheng He
      • Beam Supplies to the Zheng He
    • Saluting the Gorn
      • Investigate Debris
      • Consult with Engineers
      • Scan Strange Anomaly
      • Disable Gorn Ship
      • Hail Gorn Ship
      • Reveal the Romulans
    • Saluting the Romulans
      • Answer Hail
      • Defeat Romulans
      • Answer Hail from Gorn Ship
    • Depart System
  • Return to Sector Space
  • Report to Admiral Garrett (Use Remote Contact from Personal Mission Menu)






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There are no accolades specific to this mission.


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