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Faction Khitomer.png Industrial Espionage
955 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:
  • [Armored Environmental Suit]
Plus one of the following:


  • [Nukara Strikeforce Mark Package with Daily Bonus Marks] for the first Nukara Strikeforce mission completed each day.


Industrial Espionage is a ground mission and part of the Tholian Incursion zone on Nukara Prime. In this mission, players are given an unlimited amount of time to travel throughout an area designated as "Zone Alpha" where there are Tholian ensigns, spawning randomly within the zone. The goal of the mission is to collect 30 Tholian reports by killing these Tholian ensigns. Each Tholian destroyed earns one (1) report. Once completed, the player can then report back to Base Camp and the Base Camp Commander (at the first platform) to earn Nukara Nukara Marks marks, skill points, and experience points.


Mission Text[]

The Tholians are keeping detailed records of all of their sensor readings from the interstital rifts.

We have a theory that the energy from these rifts may be the same energy used by the Iconians to create their gateways. If that is true, it makes sense that the Tholians would want to harness these rifts themselves.

Collect reports from the Tholians. We need to know what they have learned about the rifts.

[Easy] missions can be completed by a single player.

Collect Reports from Tholians near Forward Camp Alpha


Collect Tholian Science Reports (0/30)


Mission Name Mission Type Normal Rewards Bonus Rewards Tholian Equipment Requisition Cooldown
Industrial Espionage [Easy] Nukara Marks Nukara Strikeforce Mark Package Nukara Marks Nukara Strikeforce Mark Package with Daily Bonus Marks Standard 15 min

Note: This mission is listed as Easy, and the objectives and locations are marked in green.