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Mission Text[]

You have recovered the Orb of Possibilities from Gul Kardek. No doubt you are being pursued by True Way forces. You must return the Orb to the temple in Hathon. I have notified Vedek Krin, she is waiting for you in the temple.


Return the Orb of Possibilities to the temple in Hathon on Bajor.


  • The Orb's Return
    • Go To Bajor System
    • Briefing
    • Answer Hail from Cardassian Ship
    • Hail Deep Space Nine
    • Defeat True Way Ambushers
    • Hail Commander Sarish
    • Defeat True Way Attackers
    • Hail Commander Sarish
    • Temporal objective.png Investigate Temporal Probe (Temporal Agent)
    • Beam Down
  • Wisdom of the Prophets
    • Go To Bajor: Hathon
    • Briefing
    • Speak to Vedek Krin
    • Place the Orb on the Altar
    • Speak to Vedek Krin
    • Read "On the Mirror Universe"
    • Hail Commander Sarish
  • Lands Of Wonder
    • Go To Badlands
    • Hail Commander Sarish
    • Approach Anomaly
    • Answer Hail from Cardassian Ship
    • Defeat Cardassian Defenders
    • Science Report
    • Bombard Portal with Tachyon Radiation
    • Enter Portal
    • Answer Hail
    • Defeat Mirror Universe Defenders
    • Defeat Mirror Universe Reinforcements
    • Defeat I.S.S. Fortuna
    • Warp to Bajor
  • Rojab

    Terran firing an Agony Phaser Stun Pistol or Wide Beam Pistol

    • Go To Mirror Bajor
    • Briefing
    • Reach the Temple
      • Defeat True Way Ambush
      • Ops
      • Defeat Terran Forces
      • Defeat Terran Reinforcements
      • Defeat Gul Kardek
      • (Optional) Capture Changeling
    • Treat Vedek Krin
    • Speak to Vedek Krin
    • Investigate Gul Kardek's Padd
    • Place the Orb on the Altar
  • Ops
  • Speak to Vedek Krin
  • Report to Commander Sarish Minna




Terran Empire[]

  • Critter Rank 2 icon.png Vedek Krin


True Way Cardassian[]

Terran Empire[]

  • Critter Rank 1 icon.png Terran Ensign
  • Critter Rank 2 icon.png Terran Lieutenant
  • Critter Rank 3 icon.png Terran Commander


NPC starships[]




There are no accolades specific to this mission.

While no specific Accolades exist for this mission, it is possible to read Renjen Ravel's books and complete the 'Bookworm' Accolade from the mission “Of Bajor”. It is possible to interact with Renjen Ravel during Wisdom of the Prophets on Bajor: Hathon, and ask to read the books, however it can't be completed during Rojab on Mirror Bajor as the book "The Emissary's Early Life: a Text for Young Readers" is missing. This is deliberate. As explained in "On the Mirror Universe" and "On the other Universe", the Mirror Prophets never chose Mirror Benjamin Sisko as their Emissary.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
35–39 Captain __ __ __ VIII
40–49 Rear Admiral __ __ __ X
50–59 Admiral __ __ 192 XI
60 Fleet Admiral __ __ 192 XII


  • Second new mission of the revamped Cardassian Struggle episode arc released with Season Eleven: New Dawn.
  • In the "Prime universe" (our universe) in the temple you must read the book "On the Mirror Universe" which is about the mirror universe. When you go to the Mirror Universe, in the mirror temple there is a book titled "On the other Universe" that you can read, it is written by the mirror version of the man who wrote the aforementioned book but about our universe.
  • When beaming down to Mirror Bajor, there is a bug that makes you fall from nowhere, while the map is gone, for a short period, before you land on the transporter, and the map appears.
  1. Only if the I.S.S. Fortuna spawns as a class with an hangar bay.
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