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Faction Khitomer.png Latest Findings
Preceded by:
“Web Access”
Followed by:
“The Power Source”
Story Arc:
New Romulus
412 Expertise icon.png

In Latest Findings, the player is summoned to join D'Tan during a special research presentation on New Romulus.


The player receives a message from D'Tan's assistant, who asks them on behalf of D'Tan to join him on New Romulus. A'dria briefs them on her findings: the blade they found is indeed the Sword of the Raptor Star, and they have learned a great deal about the civilization that inhabited the planet 150,000 years ago. She also mentions that they have detected a strange energy signature beneath the Hwael Ruins, and D'Tan asks the player to investigate for them.


Mission Text[]

You have been invited by D'Tan to attend a special presentation on New Romulus.

Go to the main gates and let security know you're ready to proceed.


  • Attend the Research Presentation
  • Watch the Presentation
  • File Report


There are no accolades specific to this mission.


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.



  • This mission is unlocked (and automatically accepted) after the player completes Tier 4 of the Romulan Reputation System.
  • This mission cannot be repeated, though the player can review the cutscene by returning to the security officer standing guard outside the Fleet embassy gates.
  • Since the release of Legacy of Romulus, there are minor differences in the mission when played as a Romulan character rather than as a Federation or KDF character, owing to the deeper involvement of a Romulan character in the creation of New Romulus and the formation of the Republic.

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