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J'Ula and her allies must undertake a strange journey to the darkest place a Klingon can go. Can they succeed where others have failed?


Mission text[]

The time has come, at last.

With the aid of Tenavik and the monks of Boreth, we are ready to take the next step on this strange journey. We are ready to restore the soul of L'Rell.

Come to the monastery on Boreth as soon as you can. Lady J'Ula, General Martok, and I will be waiting for you there.


Go to the monastery on Boreth and meet with your allies there.



NPC starships[]


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.



  • While walking around Gre'thor, the four Sons of None killed in the previous missions and a mysterious women will follow you around, each triggered as you talk to the various NPCs. The former four will then attack you while the latter will fight on your side, later revealing herself as L'Rell.
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