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Faction Khitomer.png Mindscape
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Story Arc:
The Delta Quadrant
October 14, 2014
14,325 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:


This is the first actual "episode" in the Delta Rising expansion (after “Escalation”, which is intended as a transition/entry to the Delta Quadrant). The majority of the mission takes place aboard the well-known U.S.S. Voyager.


Mission Text[]

<Rank>, Admiral Tuvok has requested that you meet Voyager in the Syllerran system. I believe he requires your assistance with a personal issue.

While you're there, you should be able to get a briefing on the current state of the Delta Quadrant.


Rendezvous with U.S.S. Voyager in the Syllerran system, which is located in the Vyntadi Sector Block.
This is a single player mission.


  • Distant Voyager
    • Go To Syllerran System
    • Talk to Lt. Cmdr. VanZyl
    • Take the Turbolift to the Bridge
    • Go to the Ready Room
    • Talk to Admiral Tuvok
  • My Mind to Your Mind
    • Complete the Mind Meld
      • Leave Sickbay
        • Unlock Sickbay Door
        • Access Console
        • Call for The Doctor
        • Talk to the Doctor
        • Defeat the Doctor
        • Access Desk Console
        • Take the PADD from the Doctor's Office
        • Leave Sickbay
      • Stabilize the Warp Core
        • Take Turbolift to Engineering
        • Head to the Warp Core
        • Talk to Harry Kim
        • Defeat Harry Kim
        • Access Warp Core Console
      • Find Help on the Crew Deck
        • Go to Crew Deck
        • Get Help
        • Return to the Turbolift
      • Take Control of the Bridge
        • Go to the Bridge
        • Defeat Cooper
        • Release Tuvok from Confinement
        • Talk to Tuvok
        • Leave the Mind Meld
    • Get Ahead of Cooper
      • Talk to Tuvok
      • Return to the Bridge
      • Talk to Tuvok Again
      • Use Voyager's Sensors to Scan for Undine Ships
      • Ask Tuvok About Omega Protocol
      • Defeat the Phantasms
      • Consult with Tuvok
    • Turn Cooper's Connection to Your Advantage
      • Locate Cooper via Astrometrics
        • Go to Deck Eight - Astrometrics
        • Enter Astrometrics Lab
        • Use Astrometrics Lab
    • Talk to Tuvok
    • Plot Course for the Northwest Passage
    • Return to Your Ship
  • The Northwest Passage
  • Diving In
    • Disable Cooper's Bioship
    • Beam Aboard Cooper's Bioship
  • Bio Warfare
    • Reach Cooper's Control Nexus
    • Unlock Bio-Controls (0/2)
    • Return to the Control Nexus
    • Enter the Control Nexus
  • Calming the Waves
    • Confront Cooper
    • Return to Your Ship
  • Logical Consequences
    • Talk to Tuvok
    • Depart System
  • Contact Delta Quadrant Command



Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Dreamcatcher icon.png Dreamcatcher Explored the dream logic of Tuvok's mindscape. After taking the turbolift to Astrometrics, interact with three items before you get to Astrometrics. Each can be found shortly after you discover a brick wall behind a door. After the first brick wall, examine the console that wasn't there before. After the second brick wall, examine the red symbols on the wall. After the third brick wall, examine the hallway that is exposed to space. 10


Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing might be reduced. Items include:

  • You choose 1 of the following:
    • Random Space Equipment Mk XII
    • Random Space Weapon Mk XII
    • Random Ground Equipment Mk XII
    • Random Ground Weapon Mk XII
    • [Current Lock Box]
Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
50 Vice Admiral 2580 2865 192 XII

Mission progression bug[]

The mission may fail to progress from the "Distance Voyages" segment to "My Mind to Your Mind" segment. This causes the mission progress to reset to the beginning after the "Logical Consequences" segment. One special case known furthering this issue is entering the Voyager's elevator before VanZyl has finished talking, but there are other, as yet unrecorded issues causing this.

To see whether your mission is bugged, check your progression. Progression is tracked in the Mission Tracker. The Mission Tracker has two sections; the top tracks all missions in progress, and the bottom tracks progress for the current mission instance. If both Mission Tracker sections do not register progress to "My Mind to Your Mind" then the bug has occurred.

If the bug occurs, abort the mission, drop the mission, and reacquire the mission. This may need to be multiple times to receive a working mission instance.


  • There is no away team selection dialog displayed prior to the "Diving In" segment; the away team loaded is the same as the last away team used by the player, regardless of away team size. This affects the difficulty of the segment, especially the boss fight against Cooper. If your team is short of a full complement, clicking the 'Request Reinforcements' button below your teams portraits will fill up the remaining slots with your missing members.
  • The three modifiers on the [Fluidic Antiproton Assault Dense Beam Mk XIII [***]] are random.
  • Heading for engineering, the player comes to a wall made to look like the corridor beyond; sets of the Star Trek TV series were 'extended' using this exact same method.
  • The 'Strangers' the player encounters while trying to reach astrometrics in the mindscape, while not technically Borg, suffer the same additional effects from Task Force Omega anti-Borg weapons. The assimilated Undine the player encounters after meeting Seven of Nine however do not have this weakness.
  • The writing on the wall on the way to the astrometrics lab (that Cooper was "sending a message" to Tuvok with) was the word, t'kona, written in Vulcan Golic calligraphy, which means, "leave Vulcan, do not come back." Vulcan Language Dictionary
  • The failed attempt to leave the mind meld the first time is subtly hinted. Voyager's bridge crew wear the 2370's uniform instead of the standard Odyssey uniform. Furthermore, the Kal-toh game in the ready room is incomplete, whereas outside the mind meld it is complete.
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