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Faction Khitomer.png New Romulus Aid
New Romulus Aid.png
Given by:
Romulan Ambassador
Preceded by:
“Fluid Dynamics”
Followed by:
“Staging Area”

In New Romulus Aid, the player is introduced to the New Romulus colony following the events of Cloaked Intentions. The Romulan Ambassador is looking for aid in the construction of a settlement.


The player speaks with a Romulan Ambassador from Mission Journal, or in person at Earth Spacedock, Qo'noS, or (from level 50+) Deep Space 9, who asks them to travel to the New Romulus System and beam down to the planet. The mission completes automatically.


Mission Text[]

<rank>, a group of my people are trying to create a new homeworld.

Sela's capital city has erupted into fighting since she disappeared. So-called saviors struggle for power, and new ones rise and fall every day. We are witnessing the end days of an empire.

I belong to a group of Romulans who want to survive. With our leader, D'Tan, we are throwing off the shackles of our past. We reject secrecy and deceit in favor of democracy and cooperation. In creating a new world, we will remake our culture.

We have found a planet we call Mol'Rihan – New Romulus in your language. It can be ours, but we have much to do before we can truly call it a home. Your government has authorized me to ask you for assistance.

I know there have been ... hostilities between your people and mine. Can you look past our history and help us build a new world?


Travel to New Romulus in the Tau Dewa Sector Block, and assist D'Tan and the Romulans building a new homeworld. You will earn Romulan Marks for your efforts.
New Romulus is an adventure zone with many world and instanced missions for level 50[1] captains. You will learn more about New Romulus and what it has to offer when you arrive.
  1. Specifically captains of any level that have joined a 25th century allegiance can participate, and will be scaled to level 50 within the adventure zone.


  • Go to New Romulus





Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Welcome to New Romulus icon.png Welcome to New Romulus You have taken your very first step towards helping the Romulans and Remans rebuild their civilization. 10

Note that technically speaking the above accolade awarded for beaming down to the planet, regardless if the player has accepted this mission.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.



  • Designed for FED and KDF players, the mission is also obtainable by Romulan Republic players. However, for the Level 50 promotion, all RRF players are requested to report to New Romulus Command and will automatically end up in the Staging Area at first.
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