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Faction Khitomer.png Night of the Comet
Night of the Comet.jpg
Story Arc:
November 13, 2010
Faction FED25.png Lv 15: 6180 Experience Point icon.png
Faction KDF.png Lv 33: 6975 Experience Point icon.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png Lv 40: 7740 Experience Point icon.png
Faction FED25.png Lv 15: 3600 Expertise icon.png
Faction KDF.png Lv 33: 7515 Expertise icon.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png Lv 40: 7425 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:

In "Night of the Comet", the player travels back in time to 2265 in order to destroy Driffen's Comet and thus bringing the Devidian incursion to a stop.


Drozana station in 2265

It has been decided, that Driffen's comet has to be destroyed in the 23rd century in order to prevent the Devidians from using it to permanently shift the entire region into their realm. The player is sent to the Bepi 113 System in order to perform a Slingshot maneuver. The ship is disguised as 23rd century Klingon D7 Battlecruiser using a holographic emitter.

The slingshot effect throws the player's starship immediately in close proximity of Drozana Station. The U.S.S. Reuben James commanded by Commodore Ross mistakes the player's ship for a Klingon vessel responsible for an attack on the Gliese colony. The player has to disable the ship, since the Commodore is not supposed to die that day.

The player cannot continue to destroy the comet, since Drozana Station is being boarded by Devidians. The player beams over with an Away Team in order to defeat the Devidians and put an ongoing bar fight between Klingon and Starfleet officers to a stop. Pushed back, the Devidians retreat to the Casino and take hostages. The Shrouded Phantasm threatens to destroy the station if the player does not leave. The away team blasts through the door and defeats the Phantasm.

Among the freed hostages is Lt. Cmdr. Scott, who is eager to repair the station's shields before the rising levels of triolic energy starts to become lethal. He finds that he needs a Quantum Flux Regulator Mark II to complete the task. He knows that the stations store keeper Cassidy can find one and tasks the player with getting it.

Cassidy however is in shock and not able to remember where the item can be found. She asks for a nerve tonic to calm her down. Back at the bar, the patron explains that he needs a lot more information, since he knows how to prepare several thousand tonics. The Orion waitress is of no help either and can only think about taking care of her love interest Captain McQueen, who has been knocked out during the bar fight. She points the player to Mr. Scott, who is an expert in alcohol. Back in the shipyard, Scotty reveals himself to be a lover of Cassidy's and knows a lot about her drinking habits. With the information from him, the bartender is able to prepare the Nerve Tonic. Cassidy loves the drink and immediately remembers where to find the Regulator. The piece helps Scotty to remodulate the station's shields, but the triolic energy keeps rising. The shield modulation will only buy the station a little bit of time and the away team beams up to the ship to destroy the comet.

In the mean time however, the I.K.V. [sic!] Quv with Captain B'vat in command has entered the system. Accidentally, the player's ship is disguised as a House of Duras vessel, with which B'vat has a feud. So the player has to destroy Driffen's comet without killing B'vat in the process. The comet breaks apart into several fragments and shards, each of which have to be destroyed.

Shortly after the comet is destroyed and the triolic energy has dissipated, a temporal anomaly inside the player's ship begins forming. A pre-recorded message is played, informing the player that a Borg temporal node recovered from the B'Tran Cluster was installed during the ship's last visit to a starbase by intelligence which will bring the ship back to the present.


Mission Text[]

We've determined that the Devidians are using the triolic energy of Driffen's Comet to ease their entry into our phase variance. That is the cause of all of the incidents in the neutral zone.

But it's worse than that. It's possible that, given the amount of triolic and temporal energy in that comet, that the Devidians will be able to destabilize the area of space surrounding the comet enough that they will pull it and everything in it into their phase variance.

In essence, they're trying to "steal" an entire sector. The resulting effects to the surrounding space would make the destruction of Romulus look like the popping of a party favor.

The only thing we can do to stop it is destroy the comet before the Devidians can use it. It's not enough to do it in the present, because the Devidians would still have access in the 23rd century when the comet moves past Drozana Station. We have to destroy it there.

You'll need your ship this time, so you can't use the Devidian portal on the station. I can help you get to the past, but you'll need to follow my instructions precisely.

Good luck.


Go to the Bepi 113 system, in the Boreth Sector of the Beta Quadrant, save the past from the Devidians.


Player performs the slingshot maneuver in order to return to the past.

  • Past Out
    • Go To Bepi 113 System
    • Activate Holoemitter
    • Slingshot Around the Star
      • Fly Through Graviton Catapult 1
      • Fly Through Graviton Catapult 2
      • Fly Through Graviton Catapult 3
      • Fly Through Graviton Catapult 4
      • Fly Through Graviton Catapult 5
    • Maintain Trajectory Towards The Nav Beacon
  • Playing the Part
    • Defeat U.S.S. Reuben James
    • Beam to Station
  • Reliving the Past
    • Defeat Devidians on Drozana Station (0/6)
    • Temporal objective.png Investigate Temporal Probe (Temporal Agent)
    • Break Up Bar Fight
    • Rescue Hostages
      • Destroy Door to Lounge
      • Defeat Devidian Captain
    • Talk to Lieutenant Commander Scott
    • Accompany Scotty to the Shipyard
    • Talk to Scotty
    • Delta objective.png Hint to Scotty About Surviving in a Pattern Buffer (Delta Recruits)
    • Get a Quantum Flux Regulator
      • Talk to Cassidy
      • Get Cassidy a Nerve Tonic [2]
    • Return to Scotty
    • Return to Ship
  • Becoming the Future
    • Destroy the Devidian Comet
      • Destroy Comet Fragments (0/3)
        • Destroy Comet Shards (0/9)
    • Don't Alter the Timeline
      • Return to the Present
  • Report to Neutral Zone Contact










  • Security Door

NPC Starships[]







Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Operative (accolade) icon.png Operative Defeat the Devidians in the Neutral Zone. Complete the mission. 50


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
15–19 Faction FED25.png Lt. Commander 1158 675 IV
20–29 Faction FED25.png Commander 1552 1338 VI
30–39 Faction FED25.pngFaction KDF.png Captain
Faction Romulan Republic.png Commander
1743 1878 VIII
40–49 Faction FED25.png Rear Admiral
Faction KDF.png Brig. & Maj. General
Faction Romulan Republic.png Subadmiral
1935 1856 X
50 Faction Romulan Republic.png Vice Admiral 2126 1856 XI


  1. As of 27 July 2013, the Romulan & Klingon mission journals errornously display a minimum level of 15 for this mission.
  2. Get a drink from bartender and take it to Cassidy. Sequence: Hot, Sour, pick-me-up, stemmed glass, drop of honey

Feature Episode Notes[]

  • Fifth of five missions, of the second Feature Episode The Devidians released in fall 2010. The missions were later included in the Federation storyline episode Klingon War, but still form the separate episode Spectres in the Klingon and Romulan Republic storylines.
  • Players who completed the mission before the release of Season 3 on December 9, 2010 got a special series reward, the [Ophidian Cane].
  • The mission is part of the Featured Episode re-runs, and as such eligible for limited time, special mission rewards.
    • For the first Featured Episode Rerun week (May 12-19, 2011) the choice of level-appropriate badges as a mission reward was added for the duration of the Rerun week. The special [Ophidian Cane] reward was available during the Rerun week as well.
    • During the fourth Feature Episode re-run (October 31 to December 5, 2013) the mission was eligible for the daily Lobi Crystal reward (once 15 Lobi Crystal icon.png per player account and day). Also the [Ophidian Cane] was again available as reward, once per character.


  • This mission introduces some new game features not previously seen in the game:
    • "Virtual" objects on a system map (projection of slingshot course)
    • Changing the appearance of the player's ship as part of a mission's script
    • Changing the attributes (speed) of a player's ship as part of the mission's script
  • The name of this mission may be a nod to the 1984 film of the same name, which starred Robert Beltran, later known as Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager.
  • The bar of Drozana Station of 2265 features the same golden plaque as the 25th century version. The plaque refers to the failed colony Nimbus III, a joined Federation, Klingon and Romulan colony. However, before 2266 the Federation has had no contact with the Romulans since the Earth-Romulan War, so the colony cannot have had be established. This would be a minor continuity error, however it has to be noted, that the inscription of the plaque cannot be read in the 2265 bar and thus the plaque might not be identical with the 2409 version.
  • The U.S.S. Reuben James displays the Enterprise's hull registry number of NCC-1701.

Montgomery Scott

  • This is the second encounter with a major character from Star Trek: The Original Series, as Lieutenant Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott aids you in Drozana Station. The first encounter, with Dr. McCoy, was in the preceding episode “Everything Old is New”.
  • B'vat reappears at the latter stages when the player has to destroy Driffin's Comet. Destroying B'vat's ship, the IKV Quv, alters the timeline (hence the "Don't alter the timeline" objective) and results in the player failing the mission.
  • As of Season 4 the mission is no longer available at level 6 and above, but level 21 and above.


  • One or more fragments of the comet may not appear after you destroy the main body (or shards after destroying a fragment), making it impossible to resolve the mission. Leaving the system and reentering will restart at the beginning of "Becoming the Future", where the comet is whole. If you encounter this problem, it may require you leave the system and reenter several times before the comet properly breaks apart. Try to avoid dying before breaking apart the fragments into shards as this seems to trigger, or at least exacerbate, the problem.
  • While the mission warns you not to destroy B'Vat's ship, and thus alter the timeline, B'Vat's ship does not trigger the same 'disabled' status as the other ships. Thus the only way to finish the mission is to destroy him.
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