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Faction Khitomer.png Operation Gamma
Eraun's flotilla.jpg
Given by:
Mesi Achebe
Preceded by:
“Of Bajor”
Followed by:
“Facility 4028”
Story Arc:
Lost Dominion
Feb. 25, 2012
4125 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:

In Operation Gamma, the player has to use a small craft and is sent through the Bajoran Wormhole to seek out a contact of the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant.


The Gamma Quadrant beckons! Find a friend there who can lead you to the Dominion.



Mission Text[]


If Loriss and Kar'ukan have been unable to contact the Dominion, perhaps we can do it for them.

I have authorization to send someone to the Gamma Quadrant to seek out the Dominion and persuade them to help us with the Jem'Hadar occupying Deep Space 9. I want you to be that representative.

Kar'ukan's ships are guarding the wormhole, so access is limited. A small craft like a shuttle or fighter might be able to break through the blockade, so leave your ship here at Bajor.

Commander Samuel Winters is here and he is one of the best shuttle pilots I know. I recommend you bring him along.

The war is over, but Loriss and Kar'ukan won't believe it unless they hear it from someone they trust.



Report to Deep Space Nine and enter the Bajoran wormhole.

Deep Space Nine is located in the Bajor Sector of the Alpha Quadrant

This is a small craft mission! You will need to use a shuttle, fighter or other small craft to complete this Episode!

If you do not have a small craft, report to Ship and Shuttle Requisitions on Bajor.


  • Flying Blind
    • Go to DS9 System
    • Signal Fleet
    • Get Within Scanner Range
    • Disable DS9's Sensor Clusters
    • Defeat Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
    • Use Wormhole
  • Salvaged Relationships
    • Go to Navigational Beacon
    • Temporal objective.png Investigate Temporal Probe (Temporal Agent)
    • Warp to Next System
    • Destroy Shield Generator
    • Enter the Asteroid
    • Hail the Krannek
    • Assist Farek
      • [Engineering] Salvage Materials (0/4)
      • [Tactical] Deactivate Defense Satellites (0/4)
      • [Science] Recover Particle Traces (0/4)
    • Rendezvous with the Krannek
    • Defeat Idran Swarmer Groups (0/3)
    • Follow the Krannek
    • Approach the Jem'Hadar Ships
    • Speak to Farek: Decide Her Fate
    • Hail the Jem'Hadar
    • Leave the Gamma Quadrant








NPC starships[]





Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Anomaly Master icon.png Anomaly Master Completed the Science Option while playing the weekly episode Operation Gamma Scan the four spatial anomalies in the blue asteroids 10
Satellite Technician icon.png Satellite Technician Completed the Tactical Option while playing the weekly episode Operation Gamma Scan the four Defense Satellites in the red asteroids 10
Master Salvager icon.png Master Salvager Completed the Engineering Option while playing the weekly episode Operation Gamma Salvage the resources from the four ships in the yellow asteroids 10
Best Served Cold icon.png Best Served Cold You destroyed Farek at the End of Operation Gamma Decide to destroy Farek to earn the Vorta's trust 10
Best Served Cold icon.png Kind-Hearted You let Farek escape at the end of Operation Gamma Decide to let Farek go. 10


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Strategy Notes[]

Engineering Option: Salvage Materials[]

There are 3 types of Materials:

  • Bolomite: Resonance Frequency Scan and then Geologic Analysis
  • Cormaline: Geologic Analysis and then Micromographic Analysis
  • Iridium: Micromohraphic Analysis and then Particle Beam
In french version, as of may 2013, this part is quite untranslated, making it even harder to resolve. Solutions are : Iridium ("action C" -> "action D"), Cormaline ("action B" -> "action C"), Bolomite: ("action A" -> "action B")

Science Option: Recover Particle Traces[]

There are 3 types of Anomalies:

  • Radiogenic Particles: Active Polaron Scan and then Polythermal Scan
  • Trianium Particles: Polythermal Scan and then Quantum Scan
  • Nucleogenic Particles: Quantum Scan and then High-Frequency Phaser Sweep

Tactical Option: Deactivate Defense Satellites[]

There are 3 types of Defense Satellites:

  • Active Satellites: Use a Quantum Scan and then Remove Ionic Power Core
  • Active Sensors: Remove Ionic Power Core and then Deactivate Sensor Batteries
  • Active Enemy Detection: Deactivate Sensor Batteries and then use a Magnetic Wave Pulse

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing might be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
43–49 Faction FED25.png Rear Admiral
Faction KDF.png Brig. & Maj. General
Faction Romulan Republic.png Subadmiral
1935 1856 X
50 Faction Romulan Republic.png Vice Admiral 2232 1949 XI

Feature Episode Notes[]

  • Third of five missions of the fourth Feature Episode The 2800 released in February/March 2012. The missions were included for all factions at the end of the Cardassian Struggle/Dominion Domination storyline episode.
  • The mission is part of the Feature Episode re-runs, and as such eligible for limited time, special mission rewards.
    • During the second re-run (October 31 to December 5, 2013) the mission was eligible for the daily Lobi Crystal reward (once 15 Lobi Crystal icon.png per player account and day).


  • Prior to Victory is Life, Weyoun's role was taken by the original character Eraun. Due to a glitch both Weyoun and Eraun's voices can be heard during the cutscene.
  • If a character does not already own a shuttle or small craft, accepting this mission will grant a new ship slot and a free shuttle token (valid for a Type-8 Shuttlecraft for Starfleet captains or a Kivra Shuttle for Klingon captains).
  • It is a good idea to equip your small craft with either a turret, a standard shuttle beam array or the Point Defense System console. The swarmers that you face near the end are not too difficult to defeat as they are one-hit kills, just annoying as they do little damage to you (if you're firing back) but it is good to have full 360 degree weapon coverage, however if you reverse, you can force the swarmers into the firing arc of most other weapons.
    • If one had managed to reach “Sphere of Influence”, the player should equip the beam array and warp core from the Ancient Obelisk Technology Set. Even without the 2-set bonus, it is still more powerful than the Rare shuttle beam array from Mission: The Vault.
    • Alternatively, AoE damage consoles like the Aceton Assimilator will also quickly and easily dissolve any issues.
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