Faction Khitomer.png Orion Contraband
Given by:
Yamlon Nuk
Cooldown Timer:
Story Arc:

Mission Text

The Orion Syndicate frequently leave dead drops for their black market goods in the town, usually hidden so that only clients can discover it.

They also set the drops to beam back to their base if they're not all collected in a certain amount of time.

I can point you in the direction of where they leave an encrypted notice regarding where the day's drops are, if you're looking to disrupt the Syndicate's black market trade. What do you say?


After interacting with the first object, you will have one minute and thirty seconds to collect all the highlighted objects in Paradise City. Use your mini-map to find their locations!


  • Locate Orion Encrpyted Notice
  • Recover Orion Contraband (0/5) 1:30
  • Contact Yamlon Nuk


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