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In Painful Omens, the player investigates a loss of contact with Deep Space K-13, located in Deneva System.


The player is sent by Admiral Garrett to discover why Deep Space K-13 had gone silent. As the player's ship warps in, it is attacked by two Federation vessels. One of the captains tries to warns the player about the neural parasites, but is ignored. The player then has to take scans of K-13; said scans reveal everything operating normally, so Lt. Tarsi suggests the player to beam in to check the station. At Sickbay, the player meets T'Met, who informs the player about the parasites. Using the sickbay's comm, the player is able to contact Cmdr. Scott.

After arriving at the Auxiliary Control Engineering, the player, Scotty and T'Met plan to activate UV lighting, but in order to do this, Commander Scott has to repair all 4 duotronic relays. After all relays are repaired, the player can go to main engineering and try to activate the UV light, but because someone overrode the command codes, they have to go to the command centre of the station. In the command centre, Tarsi spots the Na'kuhl controlling the computers, and after eradicating the neural parasites, the Na'kuhl attack the player's away team. This attack forces Daniels to reveal his true identity, explain the situation they're in and some aspects of the Temporal Cold War.

Back in space, the player repairs the earlier disabled ships to help him and the Ptolemy in preventing the Na'kuhl from escaping; however the Ptolemy is destroyed before any of the other three ships can join the fight. In order to disable the enemy's temporal shielding, Scotty creates a modulated ion burst. This tactic proved effective, but in conjunction with the ship's explosion, it creates a spatial anomaly that pulled Deep Space K-13 and everyone onboard to the 15th century.


Mission Text[]

Starfleet hasn't heard from Deep Space Station K-13 in a while. It's in a tactically-sensitive part of the quadrant, and the brass is getting concerned.

Get out there, find out what you can, and render assistance if needed. And hey... be careful, okay? This could go sideways, fast.


Head to Deep Space K-13 and investigate why the station has stopped communicating.


  • Spurious Signals
    • Go to Deep Space K-13[1]
    • Hail Deep Space K-13
    • Approach Deep Space K-13
    • Disable Attacking Ships
    • Hail Starfleet Ship
    • Scan K-13
    • Beam Down to K-13
  • Lightbringer
    • Go To Deep Space K-13
    • Investigate K-13
    • Use Controls in Engineering
      • Go to Auxiliary Control
      • Talk to Scotty
      • Take Kit from Crate
        • [Engineering Kit Module - Photon Grenade Launcher (23c.) Mk I] (Engineering)
        • [Science Kit Module - Stasis Beam (23c.) Mk I] (Science)
        • [Tactical Kit Module - Photon Grenade (23c.) Mk I] (Tactical)
      • Repair Duotronic Relays (0/4)
      • Go to Main Engineering
      • Activate Station UV Lighting
      • Take Jeffries Tube to Command Center
      • Capture Command Center
        • Defeat Base Commander
        • Activate UV Station Lighting
        • Defeat Alien Intruders
        • Talk to Ensign Hunter
    • Return to Ship
  • Future Fates
    • Go To Deep Space K-13
    • Briefing
    • Override Disabled Ship Controls
    • Rescue Disabled Ships
    • Answer Hail
    • Defeat Na'kuhl Ship
    • Answer Hail
    • Evacuate K-13
    • Communications Report
    • Talk to Scotty
    • Depart System
  • Report to Admiral Garrett







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There are no accolades specific to this mission.

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  1. Deep Space K-13 is located in the Deneva System, which is in the Orion Sector of the Beta Quadrant. It is not to be confused with the time-displaced, future version located near 20 Draconis b - even on replay, you will need to fly or transwarp to the Deneva System to enter this mission.