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Faction Starfleet.png Aihai System Patrol
Cm 5 (25)
Story Arc:
Romulan Front
119 Expertise icon.png

Mission Text[]

Greetings, <shipname>. We're grateful that Starfleet could send a ship to assist us so promptly!

We have a series of sensor arrays on the western continent for exobiological research. We're getting some strange readings from them, and we need someone to investigate in greater detail.

Our colony simply doesn't have the resources for an expedition of this type. Would you be willing to send an away team to study the organisms and determine whether or not they're dangerous?


  • Secure the Aihai System (ground mission)
    • Collect Biological Samples
      • Collect Sample
      • Collect Remaining Samples (4)
    • Depart System


Go and collect biological samples from the surface of Aihai II.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


  • The player responds to a call for assistance from Astra Blox.