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Faction Starfleet.png Fvillhai System Patrol
Cmdr 8 (28)
119 Expertise icon.png

Mission Text[]

Captain, we're receiving an alert from Starfleet Command. A transport convoy carrying phaser arrays for Starbase 114 has gone missing. The lead ship's last transmission was from this system.

Our orders are to search the system, find the convoy and render aid if necessary.


  • Secure Fvillhaih System
    • Look for Missing Ship
      • Locate Ship Wreckage
      • Scan More Wreckage (2)
      • Gather More Data (2)
    • Depart System


Search for the missing cargo ships.

Mission Dialog[]

Following completion of the objective Locate Ship Wreckage:

Sir, sensors have detected a debris field. It contains components that could be from the missing cargo ships, but there's not enough mass here to be the missing fleet.

I recommend we attempt to find more wreckage, sir. We need to determine if the entire convoy was destroyed, and, if so, what happened.

Scan more wreckage.

Following completion of the mission:

I have completed my analysis, Captain.

This was definitely a Hirogen attack, sir, and I think I've picked up a warp trail that will lead to their location.

I will notify Starfleet Command about our status. They can send out a salvage team to recover the remains of the convoy and route any available ships to track the Hirogen.

We can leave the system on your command, sir.

Leave the system.


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