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Faction Starfleet.png Muso System Patrol
119 Expertise icon.png

Mission Text[]

We have arrived at Muso Prime, <rank>.

I have one vessel on our scanners. It is the Ferengi vessel Shadow's Folly.

Starfleet records indicate that the ship belongs to a Ferengi named Broxx.

It appears Starfleet has been trying to locate Broxx in order to negotiate for a large supply of zenite ore in his possession.

The zenite is needed for the colony on Merak II. There is a botanical plague on that planet, and the ore is the only thing that will save the colony.

Starfleet has already given him more than enough credits for the shipment, but he has been evading our efforts for the shipment, but he has been evading our efforts to collect the ore.


  • Muso System Patrol
    • Shadows
      • Approach the Ferengi Ship
      • Beam Down to Planet
    • Photons are your Friends
      • Speak to Broxx
      • Speak to Rivv Enda
      • Summon and Speak to Varna
      • Speak to Rivv Enda Again
      • Give Broxx the Program
    • Depart System


Move closer to the Ferengi ship and try to hail Captain Broxx.

Strategy Notes[]