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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.

Mission Text[]

We're fortunate to have officers like you, <rank>.

I know that wherever I send you, the U.S.S. <shipname> will get the job done. We need that kind of initiative in the Tarod Sector.

Find out what the Romulans are doing in that region and report back to me.

There's no time to waste.


  • Patrol the Tarod Sector
    • Patrol the K'shan System
      • Secure K'shan System
        • Liberate Photonic Lifeforms
          • Defeat Hirogen Squadrons /3
          • Download Photonic Lifeform from Base
          • Defeat Battleship Protecting the Base
        • Depart System
    • Patrol the Sarita System
      • Secure Sarita System
        • Eliminate Romulan Squadrons /5
        • Depart System
    • Patrol the Lonco System
      • Secure Lonco System
        • Prevent Enemy Alliance
          • Defeat Hirogen Squadrons /2
          • Defeat Romulan Squadrons /2
        • Depart System


Explore the systems in the Tarod Sector.