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Faction Both.png Mission: Present Patrol
Given by:
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Mission: Present Patrol was a daily mission available only during the 3 Year Anniversary Event. It required the player to take part in convincing divisions of Q's consciousness (that he created during the 2 Year Anniversary Event) to attend a party in his honour, along with a gift.


Mission text[]

This has been an exciting year in the continuum and I think I deserve a party for all my efforts to make it so. Preferably a party with lots of presents!

I want everyone who's anyone to attend. Unfortunately, those bothersome bits of my consciousness from last year have proven to be more like me than I expected. Now they're refusing to come to my party unless they get some of the credit for all the wonderful things I've done. And that is simply unacceptable.

Could you please remind those little beasts that attendance at my party is not optional. Oh, and tell them that they won't be admitted without a present.

Thank you, mon frere. I'm always so pleased with all that you can do with your limited, mortal capabilities.

Mission complete text[]

Oh, thank you!

This party is going to be great!

Off with you now! Come back tomorrow!


Talk to Q's Party Goers at Starfleet/Klingon Academy.


  • Convince the Party Goers to come to Q's party (0/5)


  • Q
  • Party Goer


There are no accolades specific to this mission.


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  • This mission can be repeated every 20 hours.