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Nog calls you to Deep Space 9 to take part in a Ferengi-led heist to steal back the Sword of Kahless. The mission follows the perspective of both the player and various members of "Quark's Seven": Leeta, Rom, Nog, Leck, Brunt & Quark.


Several days earlier, Rom and Leeta are trying to convince Quark that they need to bring the Klingons into the war with the Hur'q. To do that, they want to steal back the Sword of Kahless from T'Ket. Quark points out they don't even know where the Iconians are, so Rom wants to steal the data from DS9's security office. To do this, Leeta distracts Ro Senna in Quark's with a free drink and Dabo game while Rom breaks into the security office using his engineering knowledge of the station.

They manage to learn where the Iconians are and that they'd be distracted by the Fek'Ihri. Quark assembles a team and, over the course of the episode, explains the plan over a game of Tongo. The player is recruited to escort them to T'Ket's flagship (as they'll be able to fight their way out if something goes wrong). Once on board, Quark and Nog make their way to main engineering where Nog disables their security and Quark beams something aboard.

Next up, Leck clears a path to the trophy room by taking out the guards while Brunt scouts out the sword and the guards. Quark then gets to the trophy room where they find the sword and Quark "cracks the safe" to extract it. However, just as they're leaving they're confronted by Brunt who steals the sword before beaming away. T'Ket then confronts Quark and Nog.

Nog protects them with a chroniton field and Quark reveals that he has planted a Hur'q Signalling Device on the ship, correctly assuming T'Ket would struggle to fight off both the Fek'Ihri and the Hur'q. The Hur'q arrive and cause chaos as the team escape. They also cause Quark to lose the signalling device so he can't call them off when they've left as promised. Just before they leave, Quark reveals that he expected Brunt to betray them and had Madran waiting to stop him.

The team return to DS9 triumphantly and Julian Bashir analyses the sword. He finds not only that the sword is made out of a four thousand year old Hur'q carapace but manages, by cross referencing the radiation types on the sword to star charts, to identify a probable Hur'q homeworld: Havas-Kul.

Leck then steals the sword again, infuriating Rom. However, this turns out to be a ruse to fool the Alliance, and the sword is then handed over by Quark and Rom to Grilka.


Mission text[]

My apologies for the quality of the transmission. I'm contacting you on an encrypted frequency.

I'm working on an important covert mission, and I could use your assistance. I can't go into the details over comms, but you should know - if we pull this off, it could change the course of the Hur'q conflict in our favor.

Met with me on Deep Space Nine to go over the details. Come alone. I've been asked to keep the details of the mission on a need-to-know basis and right now, only you and I need to know.


Go to DS9 in the Alpha Quadrant


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NPC starships[]


Icon Name Description How to Get Points
The Grand Acquisitor icon.png The Grand Acquisitor Complete all other achievements in the episode.
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 7 Retrieve the Sword of Kahless without the frequencies resetting during Quark's Lucky Seven.
Keep your ears open and your eyes on the mark.
While playing as Quark, retrieve the Sword of Kahless without the frequencies resetting 20
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 9 Crack the Security Computer with 5 attempts during Quark's Lucky Seven.
Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.
While playing as Rom, crack the Security Computer with 5 attempts 20
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 34 Override all conduits as Leck during Quark's Lucky Seven.
War is good for business.
While playing as Leck, override all three conduits 20
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 48 Take no damage as Leck during Quark's Lucky Seven.
The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.
While playing as Leck, take no damage. 20
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 74 Read all the Security Logs during Quark's Lucky Seven.
Knowledge equals profit.
While playing as Rom, read all the Security Logs. 20
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 125 Allow Nog to repair the cloaking device without ever blowing up during Quark's Lucky Seven.
You can't make a deal if you're dead.
Allow Nog to repair the cloaking device without ever blowing up. 20
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 194 Override all doors without using your Tricorder during Quark's Lucky Seven.
It's always good to know about new customers before they walk in your door.
Override all doors without using your Tricorder. 20
Rule of Acquisition Number icon.png Rule of Acquisition Number 239 Examine all of T'ket's Trophies during Quark's Lucky Seven.
Never be afraid to mislabel a product.
While playing as Quark, examine all of T'ket's Trophies. 20


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.



  • Quark's Lucky Seven was released on June 5, 2018 as part of the Victory is Life expansion.
  • This mission acts as a sequel to the episode "The Magnificent Ferengi". The phaser pistols used during the heist are identical to those used in the episode as well.
  • As well as taking inspiration from classic heist movies such as Ocean's Eleven, Deep Space Nine had its own heist episode "Badda-Bing Badda-Bang".
  • “The Renegade's Regret”, where the player takes on the role of Neth Parr was a test bed for the technology used in this episode. Quark's Lucky Seven was described by the devs as the most technically complicated episode they've ever done; not just for taking the role of multiple characters but all the other elements including the new animations.
    • This is the first mission where players can assume direct control of canon Star Trek characters.
  • A Ternary Base Conversion Tool can be a handy aid when dealing with Nog's Trinary Conversions.
  • This episode contains the first of three appearances of the Well Fed Caitian, who appears during the cutscene on DS9's promenade.

Intelligence Briefings[]

  • The Intelligence Officer reports give a breakdown of the state of most enemy factions at the time of the episode;
    • BORG
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 87961.3
      Intermittent Borg activity in the quadrant. We've been able to track a Unimatrix vessel, and our countermeasures are keeping its fleet at bay. The recent escalation of the Hur'q Conflict is straining the number of resources available for Borg surveillance.
    • BREEN
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 87983.1
      Breen forces continue to harass the Deferi, though hostilities have not intensified of late.
      The Breen have made no overtures towards the Dominion since their recent return to the Alpha Quadrant. Looks like the honeymoon might be over at last.
    • FEK'IHRI
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 88139.9
      A large Fek'Ihri fleet has been spotted in transit to the Gamma Quadrant. Analysis of their course suggests they're heading towards the renegade Iconian fleet.
      Interesting. If the two of them manage to eliminate each other, well... that'll be two less headaches to keep me up at night.
    • HUR'Q
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 89001.7
      Major Hur'q activity throughout the Four Quadrants. As expected, Alliance forces are spread thin in attempts to protect critical sites in their own territory as well as within the Dominion.
      The Klingons continue to stay out of it, with the exception of a token force of volunteers. Efforts to elist the full aid of the Empire to date have faltered.
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 88039.8
      T'Ket's fleet is currently in the Pheben Sector, moving through deep space. She's keeping a low profile for the most part, avoiding conflict with both the Dominion and the Hur'q. Anything foolish enough to get in her sights doesn't live long enough to regret it, however. The wreckage of a Gamma pirate flotilla will testify to that.
    • NA'KUHL
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 87997.9
      I can’t help but be impressed by the Na'kuhl. Their star is all but dead, their world's an ice ball... and they refuse to leave. They defended that ice ball against all comers, even the Hur'q. Every Na'khul big enough to carry a phaser fought, and they actually won. I thought Tellarites were stubborn...
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 89101.1
      Tholian web technology has worked well against the Hur'q so far. They ensnared 70% of a Hur'q fleet shortly after it dropped out of warp; the rest of the fight was brief and one-sided.
      At least Tholian xenophobia is consistent; our attempts to negotiate for web technology have been ignored.
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 88006.2
      There have been some recent Terran incursions from the Badlands, but nothing overly organized. As of now, there hasn't been any sight of Admiral Leeta since her attack on DS9. Perhaps she has finally given up? One can only hope.
      Intelligence Officer's Log, Stardate 89001.7
      Getting a lot of disturbing reports from Tzenkethi space lately. Whispers of corruption in the highest ranks, and talks of a coup are in the air on Tzenketh. The Autarch's days might be numbered after his crusade failed, though the arrival of the Hur'q has kept him on the throne... for now.
  • The intelligence officer who gives the above briefings sounds very much like Franklin Drake. This was later confirmed to be Drake by the developers during their video livestream of this mission.
  • The stardates given for the above intelligence briefings are presumably erroneous, as Cryptic has not said anything about the in-game year advancing past 2410.
  • The Pheben Sector mentioned in the Iconian briefing is presumably a different sector than the one in the Beta quadrant.

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