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Faction Starfleet.png Restore the Neutral Zone (Vice Admiral)
Given by:

Mission Text[]

The Klingon Empire is looking to increase its territory in the Neutral Zone without regard of what will happen to the Federation civilians in the area. We must put an end to this expansion and push the Klingons back to Qo'noS. You can also practice these maneuvers in a friendly exercise against other Starfleet officers.


  • Fight in Capture and Hold or Assault Scenarios (3)


Enter any Capture and Hold or Assault by using the queue attached to your minimap or by entering a system in the Neutral Zone, the Beta Quadrant.


  • The mission can only be completed once every 20 hours. The timer starts when the player accepts it.
  • PvP event "Capture and Hold - Space - Salvage Operation" and "Assault - Ground - Shanty Town" counts towards this mission completion.