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Faction FED23.png Return to Babel
EP - Return to Babel.png
Given by:
Isaac Garrett
Preceded by:
“Painful Omens”
Followed by:
“Tangled Webs”
July 5, 2016
1080 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:
Plus one of the following:
  • [Vulcan Male Tactical Officer]
  • [Human Male Tactical Officer]
  • [Tellarite Female Tactical Officer]

In Return to Babel, the player visits the Enterprise to prevent a temporal incursion.


Admiral Garrett orders the player to lead the negotiations with the Coridian rebels for the release of the hostages. When the player arrives at Babel, Daniels reveals that these events are the result of the Temporal Cold War, and sends him along with Temporal Agent Captain Chekov to 2268, to preserve the Babel Conference and fix the timeline. In 2268, Chekov order the player to go to the Enterprise's bridge to recalibrate the internal sensors to detect the Na'kuhl. The scan results indicate something on Deck 11, so Chekov orders the player to scan the diplomats on the Lounge on that deck. While doing that, Ambassador Gav starts arguing with Amb. Sarek, forcing the player to speed up the scans. The scans indicate recent Na'kuhl interference, so Chekov suggests the away team to keep searching the deck. Eventually, they discover Gav's corpse being hidden by Na'kuhl, and after dealing with them, they suspect Captain Kirk to be the next target, the team goes on its way to deck 5, and stop the Na'kuhl from killing Kirk. The player then stabilizes Kirk's wounds, and heads to Engineering, but not before the ship comes under attack. In engineering, the player and Capt. Chekov find Lt. Cmdr. Scott and help him in keeping the ship functioning and in disarming the Na'kuhl time bomb, and, after Capt. Kirk disables the attacking vessel, the away team beams aboard with the bomb, leaving a temporal beacon behind for Scotty to pick up. On the Orion ship, the player and Chekov plant the bomb on engineering, destroying the Orion Vessel, preventing the destruction of the Enterprise, and thus restoring the timeline. After this, Daniels extracts everyone from this year back to 2270.


Mission text[]

We have a problem at Babel. Coridian rebels have taken several Federation trade officials hostage... they're threatening to kill them unless the UFP withdraws from the Coridan sector. I'd like you to work with the negotation team and try to resolve this peacefully.


Travel to the Babel system.


  • Speak with Daniels in Sector Space
  • To Secure Peace
  • Back to Babel
    • Enterprise (2268) - Arrival
      • Talk to Captain Chekov
      • Go to the Bridge
      • Recalibrate Sensors
      • Take Turbolift Back to Deck 11
    • Enterprise - Deck 11
      • Scan Delegates at Reception (0/4)
      • Follow and Scan the Leaving Delegate
      • Meet Chekov in Armory
      • Continue Following Scans
      • Fight Off Na'kuhl Near Gav
      • Go to Deck 5
    • Enterprise - Deck 5
      • Protect Kirk
      • Stabilize Kirk
      • Speak to Chekov
      • Go to Engineering
    • Enterprise - Engineering
      • Talk to Mr. Scott
      • Keep the Enterprise Together
        • Use Consoles to Issue Mr. Scott's Orders (0/3)
        • Work on the Bomb (0/3)
    • Beam to the Orion Ship
  • Viridian Leap
    • Pursue Na'kuhl
      • Fight Off Na'kuhl and Orions
      • Use Orion Security Consoles (0/2)
    • Defeat Na'kuhl and Orion Commanders
    • Protect Chekov as He Sets Up Bomb
    • Call Daniels for Transport
  • Post-Processing
    • Talk to Daniels
    • Talk to Chekov
    • Return to Sector Space
  • Return to Sector Space
    • Go To Federation Space (23rd century)
  • Speak with Daniels





There are no accolades specific to this mission.



  • This mission takes place during the TOS episode "Journey to Babel" and features archival voice clips from that episode.
  • Scotty finds the player's temporal transponder after beaming the player to the Orion ship, paving the way for his appearance in “Ragnarok”.
  • Prior to the reworking of the "Agents Of Yesterday" arc, this mission had a "filter" applied to it, making colours less vibrant, simulating the look of The Original Series. This filter has since been removed.

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