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Mission Text[]

Our first task in the Delta Quadrant is a familiar one – helping a species to find a new home.

A group of Talaxians living in the Entaba system are ready to move to a new homeworld nearby. Admiral Tuvok and Voyager have gone ahead to their main asteriod base to begin the preparations for the transition.

The admiral has requested your presence as well. You two work well together. I recommend you take advantage of his expertise. There's no one who knows more about the Delta Quadrant than he does.


Travel to the Entaba System, which is located in the Vyntadi Sector Block, to help the Talaxians.


  • Mysterious Passenger

    The Entaba System

    • Go To Entaba System
    • Rendezvous with Voyager
      • Defeat Kazon
      • Hail U.S.S. Voyager
    • Visit Asteroid Base
      • Fly to Talaxian Asteriod Base
      • Hail Asteriod Base
    • Fix Shield Generators (0/3)
    • Return to Base and Hail Neelix
    • Beam to Surface
  • Preparations
    • Go To Asteriod Base
    • Talaxian Greetings
      • Greet Neelix


      • Accompany Neelix and Tuvok
      • Tactical Report
      • Follow Neelix
      • Rescue Dexa
      • Talk to Neelix
    • Repairing
      • Repair Damaged Equipment (0/4)
        • Choose Correct Methods to Repair Console (0%)
          • Reroute power through secondary relays
          • Alter electro-plasma flow rate
          • Align isolinear chip matrix
          • Replace damaged fuses
        • Locate Repair Kit (if you fail to follow correct method in previous step)
        • Complete Repairs on Engineering Console
      • Return to Neelix
    • The Show Goes On

      The hangar of the asteroid colony

      • Assist with Preparations
        • Help Talaxian Citizens
          • [Option] Help Foreman
            • Talk to Foreman
            • Talk to Menex
            • Talk to Oxil
            • Find Drexa
            • Examine Duty Roster
            • Speak to Drexa
            • Speak to Oxil
            • Speak to Menex
            • Return to Kalax
          • [Option] Help Talaxian Chef
            • Talk to Talaxian Chef
            • Locate Spices
              • Obtain Renganzo
              • Obtain Spith Basil
              • Obtain Prishic
              • Obtain Nimian Sea Salt
            • Return Spices to Chef Jolex
          • Help Astrometric Scientist (see notes below for current mini game info)
      • Talk to Neelix
      • Talk to Tuvok
    • Beam to Ship
  • Setting Off
    • Go To Entaba System
    • Fly to Voyager
    • Transport Admiral Tuvok
    • Fly to Staging Area
    • Hail Neelix
    • Warp to New Talax 0:05

      New Talax

  • What a Waste
    • Theta Problems
      • Talk to Neelix
      • Investigate System
      • Scan Radiation Cloud
      • Continue Search
      • Contact Malon
    • The Malon
      • Disable Malon Vessels
      • Malon Reinforcements Incoming 0:10
      • Disable Malon Reinforcements
      • Malon Battle Fleet Incoming 0:10
      • Disable Malon Battleship
      • Negotiate with Malon
    • Cleaning Up
      • Speak to Neelix
      • Clean Up Radiation (0/5)
    • Depart System
  • Hail Delta Quadrant Command




NPC starships[]




For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.


There are no accolades specific to this mission.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items include:

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
50 Vice Admiral 2580 2865 192 XII


  • Some of the Talaxians at the asteroid colony are holding Starfleet issued PADDs. Either Neelix brought them along from Voyager in 2378 or he brought the replicator formula, or they were given to the colony shortly before by the Delta Alliance, or it is a simple case of asset reusing.
  • The mission has two branches, of which the player will only complete one per playthough: either Help Foreman or Help Talaxian Chef.
  • During Help Astrometrics Scientist the task is now changed to a integrated mini game where all 3 factors are used to lower the shown value down to as close to 1km as possible. The values must be adjusted a few times to get as close to 1km as possible at which point the value will turn yellow, then green when it can be locked in as correct.
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