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Faction Khitomer.png Ruins of Doom
EP - Ruins of Doom.png
Cooldown Timer:
Preceded by:
“The Ninth Rule”
Story Arc:
J'Ula's Discovery
September 10, 2019
You will receive the following reward:

In Ruins of Doom, the player must investigate reports of House Mo'Kai activity in the Imaga System, believed to be a site where Prototaxites stellaviatori grows.

Mission text[]

The Klingons think House Mo'Kai forces are up to something in the Imaga system. I understand there was a problem with a... "planet killer" in that system a while back. Interesting.

Where was I? Right, Imaga. In addition to a lot of debris and the ruins of this... planet killer, there are spore colonies there. And House Mo'Kai is probably harvesting them, so we should put a stop to that, real soon.


Complete the Imaga system patrol by going to the Imaga system or using the patrol launcher to start "Ruins of Doom".


  • Ruins of Doom
    • Briefing from Stamets
    • Neutralize Spore Colony Alpha
      • Go to Spore Colony Alpha
      • Secure Alpha Site
        • Defeat House Mo'Kai Attack Squad
        • Neutralize the Spore Colony
    • Neutralize Spore Colony Beta
      • Travel to Spore Colony Beta
      • Neutralize the Spore Colony
    • Neutralize Spore Colony Gamma
      • Go to Spore Colony Gamma
      • Secure Gamma Site
        • Neutralize the Final Spore Colony
        • Deal with Mo'Kai Ambushers
      • Survive Mo'Kai Assault
      • Defeat Enemy Stragglers
  • Depart System





NPC starships[]


  • This system patrol mission pairs with the repeatable wrapper mission also named "Ruins of Doom".
  • The destruction of the planet in the Imaga System possibly creates a continuity error with “The Doomsday Device”. In that episode, only the moon was destroyed. However, it is possible that the wreckage of the Doomsday Machine somehow drifted to another planet in the system, possibly Imaga II, said to be "cracked to its core" in the system description.
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