... I have to hope you found my other ... gift...

If you are willing, I have more to show you...

Go to the pass in the mountains above the Staging Area... There you will find a shuttle...

Use these access codes to view surveillance footage...


The player will receive an anonymous message telling them where to find a recording aboard a Romulan Shuttle in the Mountain Pass of New Romulus. You will need to accept “New Romulus: Mountain Base” in order to access the instance.

Upon scanning Ruul's shuttle, the player reviews the recording:


Commander Ruul is observing the activity around his base in the Mountain Pass. Subcommander Khiana approaches him.

  • Khiana:

I've visited D'Tan for the third and final time, Commander. He still worships the Vulcan's memory. He will not see reason.

He is only one man, however. If misfortune were to befall him, perhaps his replacement would be more accommodating.
  • Ruul:

I have no interests in making martyrs, subcommander. Attacking D'Tan directly would be yet another distraction from the real issues on this world.

In this case, some assistance may be required.

A towering Hirogen Alpha takes his place beside Ruul. The Romulan addresses him:

  • Ruul:
You understand the situation? D'Tan and his people are intractable. I need you to show them the error of their ways.
  • Alpha:
I don't need someone like you to explain things. Do you remember our agreement?
  • Ruul:
Continue to assist us and you will have your pick of the hunting grounds. The best and most powerful trophies will be yours.
  • Alpha:
I expect something better than that grunting beast by the river.
  • Ruul:
Of course.

The Alpha is satisfied, for now.

  • Alpha:
It is done. Starfleet and the Klingons will be our prey. Once they are gone, D'Tan and his followers will be yours to command.

The recording ends there.

  • Important: you have to go to the mountain pass transporter and accept the quest there from the Romulan civilian standing nearby. Only then will you be able to enter the instance and eventually get to the shuttle.

Mission complete

  • Tactical officer:

Amazing! How do you think the person helping us got access to Tal Shiar shuttle codes?

Shall we submit this recording to headquarters as well?
  • Submit recording

The mission will complete. You can return to this site to review the recording when replaying "Mountain Base".

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